... arrange sport and experiential activities in a previously unknown motivational manner with specialised subject matter and digital media.

These projects (with the exception of Kite & Tech) are developed in cooperation with the research focus "New media and pedagogy" of the University of Münster Dr. Christel Keller.

Kite & Tech

... combines the passion for physical exercise through kitesurfing with a specialised curriculum. Subject areas from meteorology and engineering mechanics to regenerative energy use are elaborated, documented and published using a wiki.

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Steel in skis

It is said that you have to pick up on and proceed from wherever pupils stand; i.e. on the ski slope, if need be!
Skiing and snowboarding are ideal starting points for a learning arrangement that explores issues such as: What materials are skis made of? What role does steel play in its usage properties?, etc. These issues can be explored by pupils in individual, pair or group work. The fact that social and media skills are also required in addition to specialised competence is shown in the wiki "Steel in skis".

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States of aggregation of water
... deals with manifold natural phenomena and how to commercially exploit the various states of aggregation of water. These are then explained using the natural sciences.

It is a discovery- and project-based curriculum realised using interactive WEB 2.0 technologies.

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Mathematics meets snowsports

... creates new access to mathematics, which is all too frequently lost in standard schools. The project comprises

- a short film geared towards the interests and leisure activities of young people and that highlights the presence of mathematics in our everyday lives using programmed graphics

- an interactive booklet with two learning modules that promote discovery-based maths lessons

- the media products developed by pupils from general-education and vocational schools

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Professional orientation

Pupils from the 11th grade of Hermann Böse Grammar School in Bremen developed a glossary on professional study and occupational orientation in cooperation with IBL. The objective is to make explanations of relevant study- and career-related terms available to future school-leavers in a compressed form at a central place. The glossary is devised as a wiki, enabling the content to be further developed through student participation.

Physics on the mountainside

...shows a short film that links physics with the everyday life of students in an action situation. The film intends to encourage the further exploration of physics. This is carried out using the example of the topic "force". The following issue is explored: which forces affect the skier when travelling up the mountain in an anchor lift and when skiing down the slope, either in a straight line or carving style.


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The interactive piste map

... is not only a student prototype but also a commercial product. Both are based on the idea of creating new access to exploring the unknown alpine mountain sportsworld using interactive media.

- Valuable experiences from the development and realisation of the project are documented. In particular when dealing experimentally with Flash-based technologies and their reflection with regard to didactical requirements and available skills.

- The Tourismus Association in the Swiss skiing resort of Savognin liked the idea so much that it commissioned the development of an "interactive skiing map".

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Front and back of a group puzzle

Action & Reflection
... realises a new outdoor education event lasting several days. The concept follows an incremental construction of objectives and coordinated programme elements in five steps: from the individual acclimatisation to wintry nature in the mountains to the collective creation of a trade product (student magazine) using a multimedia lab.

The central objective of Action & Reflection is to develop an atmosphere that is conducive to learning within the meaning of the emotional relations of all those involved in the learning process.


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