... explore substance, acceptance and sustainability of experiential-, action- and discovery-based learning arrangements.

Impact analysis of Celsius project weeks

This study explores the subjective development process that can be initiated and supported by project weeks offered by the education provider NTC Sport GmbH. What impetus is discernible on the social, sporting, media and vocational level? How is this impetus processed subjectively? What lasting competency development can be documented?
The study was carried out with two parallel classes of a vocational school specialising in metalwork.

Selected results:

- A clear improvement in the class atmosphere was determined such as resolving conflicts.

- Trust, understanding and friendliness evolved.

- More development in the area of multimedia would be very advantageous for the programme.  


The detailed results of the study:

Study on the acceptance of Celsius project weeks at various project locations

The study was commissioned by the education provider NTC Sport GmbH (www.celsius-projekte.com). It comes to differentiated results for the four project locations. The comprehensive results are:

- At the starting point, pupils are interested in snowsports and group activities. However, multimedia projects anchored in the world of experience are able to motivate. At the end of the project week, pupils' support was more balanced.
- The "clientele" that appreciates classic snowsports is making the implementation of new programme elements more difficult.
- A greater reflection and transfer level could be promoted through more intensive collaboration between pupils and teachers - this should be a concrete part of the programme.


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