Our summer school aims to foster the understanding of diverse cultures, individual perceptions and the relativity of one's own perspective. The interdisciplinary classes gain by the diverse cultural experiences the participants bring along from their home countries which are reflected continuously throughout the summer school.
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Theoretical reflection and understanding

Theoretical perspectives on the understanding of different cultures and intercultural communication will be related to the praxis of social workers and health care professionals. The students discuss how concepts of intercultural communication are developed, implemented and evaluated in the given professional areas. In this perspective the summer school facilitates a wider understanding of intercultural interaction.


Please note that modifications of the program are still possible.


Undergraduate and graduate students in fields of social work and health care professions from all over the world are welcome to apply. Since all courses are taught in English, a level of B 2 is required (European framework of reference for languages). No previous knowledge of German is required. Participants must be of age.


The fee for the summer school program will be 350.00 €. Students from partner universities receive a discount. Their fee amounts to 200.00 €.

The fee for students of University of Applied Science Münster will be 100.00€. By turning in a Letter of Motivation, they have the chance to get a discount on their fee.

The fee covers course fee, the cultural program and a bus ticket for Münster. It does not cover travel, board and accommodation.

After you have been admitted we will send you a confirmation email. With this email, you will get information how to pay your fee.

Practical Matters

If you have any questions concerning Practical Matters, which are not answered below, please contact Jana Hoffmann from the International Office (jana.hoffmannfh-muensterde).

You should start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. There are several low cost hostels close to the city center of Münster.

Whether you need a visa depends on your nationality. If you are a resident of the EU/EEA and return home within 90 days of arrival, you do not need a visa to enter Germany. The same applies to some 40 additional nationalities. If you do need a visa, you will have to apply for one yourself. Please check with the German Federal Foreign Office (www.auswaertiges-amt.de) in advance for detailed information about visa requirements.

You are obliged to have appropriate health insurance while living in Germany. We strongly recommend to taking out appropriate liability insurance as well. Citizens of the EU who plan on staying in Germany temporarily can apply for the EU Health Insurance Card in their home country. This card gives you the same health insurance benefits as German citizens.


Transport to Münster is to be organized and paid by the participant. Nonetheless, feel free to contact us if you need any help.

The closest airports to Münster are International Airport Münster/Osnabrück (FMO), Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Düsseldorf Airport (DUS). From the airports, you can travel by bus (FMO) or train (FRA, DUS) to Münster.  

Germany, like the 17 other countries in the Eurozone, uses the euro as its official currency. For the latest rate, check an online currency converter.


Closing date for applications is April 14th, 2018.
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