What is Meet2Speak?


The aim of Meet2Speak is to improve your language skills instead of learning a new language.

You may join Meet2Speak, if you ...

  • are a student of FH Münster.
  • have already acquired basic skills in the language that you would like to learn.
  • are interested in languages and intercultural encounters.
  • agree that we may give your email-address to a language partner.

  • How does Meet2Speak work?

    If your application is successful, you'll receive the contact details of your language partner and will be invited to our introductory meeting on March 31st, 2023. We'll inform you about learning languages in a tandem and provide some advices for your self-organized meetings. You'll also have the chance to meet the other participants and get to know them better. 

    After that meeting you can plan your meetings on your own. You and your tandempartner decide on the place and the time - whether meeting for example via Zoom, in a café, or going for a walk at the Aasee or in the city centre. Furthermore, there are going to take place two Meet2Speak Get-together during the semester. The dates of the Get-together will be announced in good time.

    Depending on the respective situation due to COVID-19, it is going to be announced whether the meetings are taking place in presence or online. We will make sure that you are informed in good time.

    Beyond that, all participants are invited to take part in our FHiRST-Activities.

    How can I apply?

    Registration for Meet2Speak is possible until March 19th, 2023 via PLUSPUNKT. After the registration period we will try to match you with a tandem partner. We will contact you if our search was successful. Please notice that it's not always possible for us to find a tandem partner for you, since we receive a lot of applications every semester.

    If you are interested in Meet2Speak but you missed the registration period, please feel free to contact sprachtandemfh-muensterde.

    Sounds interesting?

    Read on to find out more about tandem language learning. For an easier start, we've also prepared a Tandem Learning Diary for you that you can use to plan and structure your meetings.

    When your tandempartner and you fill in the learning diary at least during four meetings, you can receive four Pluspunkte and a certificate of attendance.

    We look forward to welcoming you at Meet2Speak!
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