Nomination, applications and deadlines

ERASMUS+ students

ERASMUS+ students are nominated for a study abroad period at Münster University of Applied Sciences by their home universities. After having been nominated, they will receive e-mail information from the International Office and a link to apply online in the Mobility Online Portal.

The portal, containing important information, accompanies ERASMUS+ students throughout the duration of their stay.

The application procedure for ERASMUS+ students - step by step:

  1. The student is nominated by the home university
  2. Completion of the online form: The form must then be printed out, signed by the home university and then uploaded again.
  1. Getting together all of the documents required:In addition to the application form, a Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and evidence of language proficiency must also be uploaded.
  1. Sending the documents by post: Once all of the documents have been uploaded to the portal, the application form, Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and evidence of language proficiency can be sent to the International Office by post (only if the home university requires the signatures to be in original).
  1. Review, rejection or acceptance: The International Office reviews the application documents and forwards them to the faculty, which accepts or rejects the application.
  1. Learning Agreement: The faculty reviews and signs the Learning Agreement, and returns it to the International Office. This document is uploaded onto the portal.
  1. Confirmation: The International Office issues a letter of acceptance. If requested, it will be sent to the student's home address, together with the original documents.

Guest students

All international students who are interested in attending Münster University of Applied Sciences as a guest should send the following documents by e-mail to the International Office:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation

The International office will do a prelimnary check of the documents and send a link to the Mobility Online portal. The application procedure of guest students is similar to that of Erasmus students.

Important deadlines for ERASMUS+ and guest students

The following deadlines for winter semester 2018/19 must be observed:

  • Deadline for nominations (only ERASMUS+): 15 May 2018
  • Closing date for applications: 15 June 2018

(Note: Please be aware that due to the severe housing situation in Münster and Steinfurt, your nomination or application should be submitted as early as possible!)

The following deadlines for summer semester 2019 must be observed:

  • Deadline for nominations (only ERASMUS+): 15 October 2018
  • Closing date for applications: 15 November 2018

Language requirements

In most faculties at Münster University of Applied Sciences, courses are taught in German. In order to ensure that international students have a successful and satisfactory stay here, these faculties require to have at least Level B1 German.

Evidence of language proficiency may be issued by the home university or a Goethe-Institut in the home country.

Evidence of language proficiency must have been submitted by the closing date for applications for the respective semester.

Enrolment/semester fee/re-registration


ERASMUS+ students 

The enrolment of ERASMUS+ students is done online via Mobility Online Portal. In order to do this, they require a copy of their ID card/passport and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Once they have received notification from the International Office, they have to upload the aforementioned documents.  Students have to additionally pay a semester fee (285,74 €, as of: September 2018) so that the student ID and semester ticket can be issued.

Guest students

The enrolment of guest students is also done via Mobility Online portal. To do this, guest students need a copy of their passport, evidence of having German or European health insurance coverage, and the letter of invitation.

Guest students have thr possibility to pay the semester fee upon their arrival in Germany and after opening a german bank account.

Semester fee

No tuition fees are charged for studying at Münster University of Applied Sciences.

However, all students at Münster University of Applied Sciences must pay a semester fee each semester, which is currently € 285,74 (as at: September 2018). The semester fee has nothing to do with tuition fees - it is a student services fee to contribute towards the services provided by Student Support Services Münster and a student council fee to contribute towards services provided by the student body, the University Sports Club and the semester ticket.


At the end of each semester, all students must re-register with the Service Office for Students if they wish to continue studying at Münster University of Applied Sciences for another semester. Please note: re-registration does not occur automatically. The Service Office for Students will send students an e-mail concerning re-registration; students must then re-register within the specified time. Students who fail to do so will be removed from the register of students.

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