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How do I find an internship abroad?

The job search is in your hands. It is helpful to be clear about why you want to do the internship abroad project. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which areas of work would I like to get to know?
  • Which specific employers am I interested in?
  • What skills would I like to acquire?
  • How much time do I need to achieve these goals?

In addition to personal contacts, your own research via professional associations, chambers of foreign trade and employment agencies in the respective host country will help.


Funding through ERASMUS+

Europe, Iceland, E.J.R. Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey

Level of financiation

400 - 520€ per month                                                                  

2 -12 months
(from 1. semester)                            


1 month before the start of the internship
Registration at the ITB or IO        

Funding through PROMOS

Financing outside Europe
Even within Europe, if ERASMUS is not possible

Level of financiation

max. 3 months
300 - 400€ per month                                                                


6 weeks - 3 months


For the period 01.05.19-28.02.20
until 30.04.19
For the period 01.01.-31.10.2020
until 15.10.19
Online at the International Office
Ranking by the ITB     

Further Information

The International Office offers suggestions and tips on organising and applying for an internship abroad.
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