Student Support Services Münster (Studierendenwerk)

The student accommodation situation in Münster is becoming quite critical. Therefore, we strongly advise you to promptly submit your online application for a dormitory! Please do not wait for your acceptance letter, as you can always withdraw your application without costs. The Studierendenwerk does not belong to FH Münster but we work closely together. So please apply directly online at the website of the Studierendenwerk under the following link.

Once you apply for the accommodation, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been received and is being processed. When a room is available you will receive an email from the Studierendenwerk making you an offer. It is very important that you react to this email immediately and in no case later than the deadline given in the email. If you do not accept the offer, your application will be cancelled. So please check your spam folder regularly to make sure that no emails from the Studierendenwerk ended up there. For more information regarding students dorms, visit the website of the Studierendenwerk.

Church-run and private halls of residence

There are also a few church-run and private halls of residence in Münster, offering a comparatively small number of rooms. The application requirements vary. The rent is between 200 and 300 euros per month, plus a deposit. A list of such halls of residence can be accessed on the link below.

Please contact the individual halls of residence directly to find out about the offered rooms and the application requirements involved. Some of the church-run halls of residence do not allow visitors to stay overnight.

Private housemarket 

Private persons also offer apartments or rooms in Münster. These offers can be found for example at WG-gesucht, NaDann, Westfälische Nachrichten, eBay Kleinanzeigen and many more.

Semester ticket and student ID


With the start of your studies you will be mobile: The FH Münster offers a semester ticket that allows you to use local public transport within North Rhine-Westphalia. You need to download your semester ticket. The following instructions will guide you to your personal semester ticket:

  1. go to:
  2. log in with your personal university ID
  3. go to "Mein Studium" (My studies)

"Mein Semesterticket" (My semester ticket)

  1. click on "Jetzt Ticket anfordern" (Demand ticket now)
  2. you can keep the default set date
  3. type in your matriculation number
  4. choose "FH Münster"
  5. click on "Add and go to shopping card"
  6. follow further instructions and complete your order

Now you should get an automated e-mail with a link for your printable semester ticket.

Student-ID (FH Card)

The Student ID is one of the most important documents you will get during your studies. It confirms that you study at the FH Münster. It is much more than just some identification during exams. You will need it to borrow books from the library. You can use it as a pre-paid cash card in the canteen and you need it to use the photocopiers on the campus. Furthermore, you may get some discounts at the cinema, in public baths or museums with your Student ID. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it with you at all times.


In the canteen on the campus Steinfurt you will get a meal for a small amount of money. The meals vary from day to day. You can pay there with your Student ID but also with cash. Cash payment, however, is often more expensive and you don't want to incur the wrath of the waiting queue behind you during "rush hours" while searching for some coins in your wallet... ;) You can top up your Student ID at the card-reloading machines and the checkouts inside the canteen. You can also get some snacks and beverages from vending machines in front of the canteen. The canteen is in the extension of Building A.


E-mail address

Certainly, you already have a personal e-mail account. However, you will obtain a separate e-mail account from the FH Münster. You will be informed about the log-in during your enrolment. This e-mail address is used by the FH Münster for sending important information like requests for your response for the next semester or your printable Student ID. You can either check your account on a regular basis or set up an automatic forwarding of e-mails to your personal e-mail account.

Forwarding e-mails:

  1. go to:
  2. log in with your personal university ID
  3. go to "Meine E-Mail Einstellungen" (My e-mail settings) "Weiterleitung verwalten" (Manage forwarding)
  4. click on "Neue Weiterleitung erstellen" (Create new forwarding)
  5. type in your e-mail address all e-mails shall be forwarded to.
  6. click on "Erstellen" (Create)

Now all e-mails sent to your FH-Account will be forwarded to your personal e-mail account.

Learning and communication platform of the FH Münster. You can reach the platform via quicklinks (landing page FH Münster).


Service Office for Students (SOS)

If you have organizational problems during your studies like meeting deadlines, re-registering at the start of each semester, registering for exams etc. then you may need some help from the Service Office for Students (SOS). They will gladly provide their assistance.

Student Counselling and Information Centre (ZSB)

The Student Counselling and Information Centre will answer any questions related to your studies.

International Office

The International Office should be the first point of contact for our international guests and partner universities. Their leading goals are the continuous development of the international focus at the FH Münster and the support for mobility into foreign countries as well as from foreign countries to Münster and Steinfurt. Therefore, the International Office provides comprehensive advice, social activities and German language courses for international students.

Contact persons:

Nadine Pantel: nadine.pantelfh-muensterde
Advice for students from abroad (degree-seekers), in particular about scholarships and possible support from the International Office
Ankita Karode: fhirstfh-muensterde
Advice for guest students (e.g. ERASMUS+) and coordination of the FHiRST activities


The IT department provides information about their IT-services at the FH Münster. They are your point of contact, if you have questions about your e-mail account, WiFi (eduroam) or the my-FH-Portal. They also maintain the photocopiers and will help you with troubleshooting.

You can log in to the eduroam WIFI with your login data from your FH e-mail account. The DVZ also provides software packages, e.g. a Microsoft Office package for students.


During your studies you will need a lot of textbooks.
Most textbooks  used  or  recommended by your lecturers can be found in the university library. Furthermore, technical literature, journals and much more are provided. And the good news: the membership in the library does not cost a penny! You find the university library in Building S on the campus in Steinfurt.

Finances and re-registration

The semester fee is to be paid before the start of the next semester. End of December, beginning of January for the summer semester and beginning of July for the winter semester. These are paid by bank transfer. A corresponding transfer slip will be sent with the payment request by e-mail.
The semester fee is appr. 295€.

Re-registration period

All matriculated students - including those on leave - are obliged to confirm within a set time frame, if they intend to continue their studies during the next semester.

The time table for confirmations is:
For the summer term: 01st January - 31st January - winter term: 01st July - 31st July

If you have any questions regarding payment and enrolment, please contact the Service Office for Students

Johann-Krane-Weg 25, 48149 Münster, Germany
phone 0251 / 83-64700 -fax 0251 / 83-64707

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