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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Uhl

The working group under Prof. Uhl is concerned with research and development work with the following emphases:

Urban hydrology

  • realistic simulation models for drainage and material transport;
  • water balance models in urban areas;
  • calibration of model parameters by means of optimisation techniques;
  • optimisation of drainage systems;
  • development and utilisation of GIS applications;

Stormwater management

  • integral urban drainage;
  • measures for the reduction of precipitation runoff;
  • integrative planning for water in open spaces within urban areas;
  • flood protection following heavy precipitation;
  • water balance studies;
  • water regime and urban climate;

Rainwater treatment

  • decentralised facilities;
  • retention soil filters;
  • filtration plants;
  • sedimentation basins;
  • water bodies in urban areas;
  • immission considerations;
  • water bodies as an element of open spaces in urban areas;
  • utilization and development of water bodies in urban areas;

Measurement and laboratory practice

  • measuring programmes in urban drainage facilities and in water bodies;
  • large-scale testing of rainwater treatment facilities;
  • experimental facilities at semi-technical and at laboratory scale;
  • development and testing of measurement techniques;
  • examining the accuracy of measurements;
  • techniques for data analysis and data management.

The working group is equipped with high-performance computers, the most up to date measuring instruments, a new testing hall and open testing areas with connections to drainage networks.

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