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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Wetter

Climate change and the secure supply of important resources are the global challenges of the future. New strategies and technologies for the sustainable management of dwindling resources are urgently needed.

For this reason, biogenic sources of energy are a key component of our research activities. In the course of these, for example, the production of biofuels and biogas is investigated and optimised, from the selection and pre-treatment of the substrates to the biological process itself, right up to the treatment of the residual materials and the utilisation of thermal discharge.

Partial aspects are always considered in projects such as

  • the optimisation of the REgional bioALCOhol production from biological REsidual materials (RE2ALKO),
  • agricultural fertilisers as a silage maize substitute for biogas plants,
  • the development of new, efficient drying systems for energy-efficient drying of biomass digestates with the aid of numerical flow simulation,
  • GreenGas: mechanical and enzymatic preparation of organic residues to optimise the gas yield,
  • GreenGas: research and development of a new generation of fermentation plants,
  • GreenGas: Prospect Map,
  • GreenGas: InNet,
  • in the development of an innovative separation technique for the treatment of suspensions containing nutrients. 

Other areas of research are electromobility with the foundation of the e-Mobility Centre of the University of Applied Sciences, Muenster, combined heat and power and zero emissions concepts, as well as a project for the study and promotion of small wind turbines in the Muensterland region. Thanks to our simultaneous consideration of the fields of electricity, heat and mobility, we are able to compile integrated concepts, recognise synergy effects and, consequently, contribute to the success of the energy transition.

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