Mechanical engineering for international applicants

Thank you for your interest in a course in mechanical engineering.

We offer a modern and diverse range of courses. You can complete a high quality course of education resulting in an internationally recognised qualification. The courses are both academically and practically oriented. We offer many opportunities to collaborate with large or local companies, where you can gain practical experience.

Professor and students in the lab

Around half of all Germany’s export revenues come from global sales of machinery. You could therefore say that mechanical engineers and the expertise they possess make a vital contribution to German prosperity. Graduates from our faculty are correspondingly sought after.

It can often be a long road from the initial idea to the finished machine. In developing new plant, engineers are involved in dealing with a wide range of interesting topics. In addition to pure structural work, their day-to-day activity encompasses tasks from the fields of technical mechanics, materials engineering, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, production engineering, simulation technology, metrology and automatic control engineering.

The courses offered by the department of mechanical engineering prepare students for these challenges.

If we have whetted your appetite, you can find further information on the various courses offered by the faculty here. Information is provided on admission requirements, course structure and examination regulations for each course.

Key qualifications and soft skills

An interest in physics, technology and not least in mathematics is an important requirement for a course in mechanical engineering or informatics in mechanical engineering. Prospective students should possess curiosity with regard to how machines and appliances work, why they work in the way they do, why they have certain forms and how they can be optimised. They should have a good spatial imagination and possess the ability to convert abstract ideas into diagrams. School qualifications with an emphasis on the natural sciences are beneficial.

Requirements for international applicants for the bachelor's degree courses in mechanical engineering and informatics in mechanical engineering

Not all foreign school-leaving qualifications entitle you to attend a course at a German higher education institute. The higher education institution will therefore first examine whether you are entitled to admission to a higher education institute and will determine whether your qualifications entitle you to attend a course here. Please contact the Service Office for Students' office for international applicants.

Teaching sessions at FH Münster are held in German. International applicants from non-German speaking countries must possess sufficient command of German to be able to understand the course content and actively participate in teaching sessions. They must demonstrate that they have passed the deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH), the TestDaF or a comparable examination.

Admission to the faculty of mechanical engineering requires the applicant to have achieved DSH-2 or TestDaF-3 in all parts of the examination. In addition, applicants are required to demonstrate that they have completed a three-month internship. In the course of this internship, students should have gained familiarity with relevant techniques and issues relating to business organisation and work processes. Relevant educational and professional activities will be credited towards this internship. Documentation for this internship is to be submitted on matriculation.

Please note: not all foreign students can apply for admission using the online application procedure. Non-EU nationals must apply via the Service Office for Students’ office for international applicants.

Routes to degree courses for prospective international students - for a larger version see PDF file below

Advice and support from the International Office

The central contact point for international students is the International Office. The International Office team is there to provide practical advice and support and aims to help you settle into life in Münster and Steinfurt. They can help you find accommodation, help you deal with officialdom (registration of residency, residency permit, health insurance, opening a bank account) and support you during your course with regular activities.

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