In the case of a change of degree programme with simultaneous placement in a higher semester, the following must be taken into account: Whether and to what extent the study and examination achievements gained at the previous university can be recognised when changing to a similar or different degree programme at a higher education institution (university or university of applied sciences) is at the discretion of the respective receiving higher education institution. Classification and recognition is generally carried out by the relevant examination board. You should also inform yourself in advance about the admission requirements (e.g. existence of an aptitude test) of the desired degree programme. If you would like to have your study and examination achievements recognised, please submit a written application for recognition to the Examination Committee, to be submitted to the Examination Office. You can download the relevant application form below. This application must state which examination achievements of the desired degree programme you would like to have recognised by examination achievements already taken. Corresponding proof of examination achievements as well as module descriptions with the learning outcomes (= competences that students have acquired after successful completion of the module) must be enclosed with the application.

Contact persons

Contact persons at the Department of Economics are:

Prof. Dr. Pooten
Fachbereich Wirtschaft
Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster,
Raum D 507
Tel.: 0251/83-65618
Fax: 0251/83-65502

University transfer students for the Master's degree programmes and the dual Bachelor's degree programmes in Business Administration (IHK) and Business Administration and Taxes (Studienwerk NRW)

Prof. Dr. Nonhoff

Fachbereich Wirtschaft
Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster,
Raum D 417
Tel.: 0251/83-65600
Fax: 0251/83-65502

University changers for the degree programme European Business Programme (EBP)

Prof. Dr. Schreiber

Fachbereich Wirtschaft
Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster,
Raum D 521
Tel.: 0251/83-65657
Fax: 0251/83-65502

University changers for the Bachelor's degree programmes in Business Administration, Business Informatics and German-Latin American Degree Programme in Business Administration (CALA)

Application form

The following form is exclusively for students already enrolled in our department. For placement in a higher semester as part of the application process, please contact the person listed above informally.

Module Handbook

Certificate of credit for periods of study and placement in a higher semester

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