Deregistration/withdrawal from an examination

The deregistration must also be carried out on CAMS. Students may only deregistrate if they have not yet completed or are not currently completing individual examinations that are part of a module. Principally, it is possible to withdraw from an examination without indicating a valid reason until one week before the examination date - after this deadline, a withdrawal is only possible on justified grounds. Therefore, the reasons for the withdrawal or the failure to attend must be submitted to the examination board in writing without delay and must be plausible. If the withdrawal is accepted by the examination board the respective attempted examination will not be counted in respect of the number of permissible attempts.


If students fall ill on the date of the examination they have to provide a medical certificate attesting their inability to participate in the examination (a certificate on the incapacity to work - "AU" or a "yellow certificate" will not suffice) and submit the form "Withdrawal from a Module Examination due to Illness" to the Examination Office.

Illness of a child

If - due to the illness of their child - students are unable to attend an examination for which they filed a binding registration they are required to submit a medical certificate issued by their child's pediatrician for the employer ("Medical Certificate for the Payment of Sick Benefits in case of the Illness of the Child", "Form 21") to the Examination Office. In this document the pediatrician certifies that the child is in need of care or nursing due to its illness. By signing the form in the lower half the student confirms that no other person could care for the child.

Any costs students incur in this context have to be borne by themselves. The medical certificate needs to be submitted or mailed to the Examination Office as soon as possible and as a rule within three business days at the latest.


The thesis has to be registered by applying for admission. The thesis has to be submitted or mailed to the Examination Office on the last day of the period of time conceded for the writing of the thesis at the latest (see Application for Admission). If the Examination Office is closed on this day or if it is a Sunday or a holiday the submission deadline is automatically extended until the next day the Examination Office is open.

Certificates and Diplomas

The Examination Regulations stipulate which certificates are issued and handed out when the respective study course has been completed. As a rule, these are a certificate, a diploma and a diploma supplement. Please see here for further information.

Recognition of achievements

If students completed part of their studies or their whole studies outside of the FH Münster they can apply for a recognition of their achievements. Please click on the tab "recognition" for further information.

Enrolment for an examination

For legal and organizational reasons it is obligatory to enroll for an examination which is an online procedure on CAMS. Students are required to verify in the menu option "Information on enrolments for examinations" in time if their registration or de-registration has been duly entered. They should save their enrolment confirmation or print it as PDF-file. In case of inconsistencies or technical issues during the application procedure students should contact the Examination Office immediately in order to ensure their timely enrolment. For a survey of the enrolment dates please see "examination and Enrolment Dates".

Cancelling of examination achievements

Already passed examinations cannot be cancelled afterwards on the grounds of the student's inability to take the examination.

Notification of results

For every examination there is an official date on which the results are notified. For the exact date please see here. You can log into your account anytime and check if the results of the examinations taken on the last examination date have already been entered.

Means of aid

The utilization of prohibited aids has serious consequences. If examinees attempt to influence their examination results by taking with them unauthorized aids the respective examination will be assessed as "failed" (5.0) irrespective of whether the aids have been used or not. For a list of authorized means of aid please see here.

Test paper inspection

Examinees are entitled to inspect their test papers. The inspection of the test papers is only permitted for the respective examinee or a third person who has been authorized by the examinee in this respect in writing. For the verification of their identity students are requested to present their students' card as well as another photo ID. If the papers are to be inspected by a third person they are required to present a respective power of attorney. For the list of the dates on which an inspection of the papers is possible please see here.

Duty of cooperation

In respect of their examinations students have a duty of cooperation, i.e. they are obliged to inform themselves about all examination matters. This is especially important in the case of the registration and examination dates as well as other examination regulations such as the exact organization of the examinations. Moreover, students are also required to inform themselves about authorized means of aid that may be used during a test paper/examination.

Change of module

Once an optional compulsory module has been determined it can be changed by the candidate once during the study program even if the examination in this optional compulsory module has not been passed or has definitely been failed. For this change, students simply file a written application at the Examination Office during the next enrolment period.

Compensation for disadvantages

Please see the web pages of the Student Guidance and Counseling Centre (Studienberatung) for information for handicapped students or students with chronic diseases and on compensation for disadvantages.

Non-attendance of an examination

If students fail to attend at a binding examination date without good reason or if they leave an examination they took part in without giving a plausible reason the students' performance will be assessed as "failed" (5.0). The same applies if students fail to complete a written test performance within the given time.

Attestation of marks

Surveys of marks in German and English can be downloaded directly from the CAMS via MyFHPortal. In case a certified attestation is required, please contact the Examination Office directly. The attestation can be issued directly in the offices, therefore students are requested to bring their students' card.

Mail service

Prüfungsamt FB Wirtschaft, Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster

- In case of documents that are subject to deadlines (such as theses, attestations etc.) please request a receipt of the posting.

FHZ, 5th floor, room D 520, Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster


Students are requested to study the examination regulations applying to them to see when to take which examinations.

Examination anxiety

The students' everyday life can be affected by various strains. It is worth mustering the courage to go to the Psychological Advisory Service early in order to get confidential and professional support in these cases.

Examination Board

The Examination Board is the faculty body responsible for the organization of the examinations and thus the competent authority for the examination procedure. If you need further information please click here.

Examination regulations

The examination regulations are the legal basis of your studies. Please see here for the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung PO) applying to your study program.

Taking examinations early

Principally, it is possible to take university examinations earlier than the dates scheduled in the examination regulations (§ 94 paragraph 4 Higher Education Act). The prerequisite, however, is always that it can be proved that the respective admission preconditions for taking the respective examination have been fulfilled.

Opposition brought against an assessment

In general, an opposition against an assessment of a performance in an examination has to be filed at the Examination Office. Students will have four weeks (as from the official notification of the results) to do this.

There are two possible procedures - the "opposition" and the "protest".

The protest is the quicker, informal procedure. Here, students send a simple letter or an e-mail to the assessor in which they explain why they disagree with the assessment. They can also go to the official inspection of the test papers.

The opposition is the lengthy formal procedure in which students file a written substantiated submission to the Examination Board and have to wait until its next meeting and its formal decision.

Recommendation: Students should always try protesting first. This is quicker and after that, it is still possible to file a formal opposition.

Repetition of examinations

Module examinations that students failed at the first go can be repeated twice, the thesis and the colloquium once each. Once an examination has been passed it cannot be repeated.

During the whole studies it is possible in any module to apply for another sitting of an examination (4th attempt) in form of an oral examination.

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