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Welcome to the Master's program Digital Business and Innovation Management (DigiBIM). We are pleased that you are interested in our study program! The Master's program will start in winter semester 2020/21.

Course of studies

Our Master's degree program in Digital Business and Innovation Management offers many opportunities for cooperation. The practical connection and the proximity to companies make up our course of studies. This also offers new perspectives for the students.

Special Facilities

In order to offer space for cooperations, there are different rooms, which can be used for events or projects with companies

Opportunities for cooperation

Do you want to drive innovation and digitisation in your organisation? We have some suggestions how you can achieve this together with us and our students.

DigiBIM's Integrative Project

The Integrative Project extends over two semesters and offers a wide range of cooperation opportunities. In the first part of the Integrative Project (1st semester) you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to our students as one of six selected organizations.
Time frame: November-December 2020
Subsequently, the students choose with which organization they would like to cooperate in the second part of the Integrative Project. Students also have the opportunity to pitch their own start-up ideas, so not all projects may be staffed. If students are interested in your project, there will be a kick-off meeting during the second part of the Integrative Project in the second semester.
Time frame: March 2021
Within the course of the project you will work together with our students in a supportive manner. Additionally, you will be responsible for all project-related (travel-) costs. At the end of June 2021, the results of the projects will be presented to members of your organization and lecturers of the FH Münster.

Master thesis

According to schedule, the master thesis in the 4th semester of the master's program. Students often look for the topic for their thesis within a company. This is where you could possibly help. Details can be clarified with the supervising professors.

4 good reasons to cooperate with us

  • DigiBIM is project focused . The curriculum supports the project. Not the other way around. Learn by doing. Learn while doing.

  • Our program structure works the way innovation and digitalization happen. Deep dives into key concepts, punctuated by sprints that get you the skills you need when you need them.

  • Corporate and startup partners that support our program.

  • We are building a creative, energized digital innovation network of great students, alumni, and partners that will become a force for positive change.
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