The digi.lab is a place for ideas, teaching, research and transfer. Furthermore, it is part of the smart.lab. Students, teachers and companies alike find a space for innovation within the digi.lab. The lab is located at the FHZ, room C514.

What does the digi.lab workspace include?

  • Presentation area for seminars, lectures, workshops, show cases, case studies, ...
  • Design area for the application of methods and use of software such as Design Thinking, Agile Methods, Process Mining, RPA, ...
  • Practice area for the use of digital technologies such as VR, AR, Smart Factory, 3D printers, IoT sensors, ...
  • Which technologies are available in the digi.lab?

    Virtual project room ( with Oculus Quest

  • Interactive video conferences with HoloLens2
  • 3D printing with the fabmaker educational printer
  • Smart Factory from Makeblock and Fischertechnik
  • CO2 analyses via IoT sensors
  • Packaging of a gear unit with AR support
  • Video conferencing with front and 360° camera
  • Digital flipchart
  • For each technology, Sciebo has a directory with operating instructions, presentation, show case and case study. There are several contact persons available to consult for the use of more complex technologies such as VR, AR, 3D printers and Smart Factory.

    Who can use the digi.lab?

    The labs are available to all employees of the MSB, IPD and ITB for teaching, transfer and research purposes. Companies can also book the digi.lab for e.g. a strategy workshop. To do so, an employee from the FH Münster must be present.

    Which events can take place at the digi.lab?

  • Research projects using the methods and technologies of the lab
  • Internal courses like seminars or case studies
  • External events such as further training or company workshops

  • How can the digi.lab be booked?

    The lab can be booked through Mrs. Otto. The digi.lab in Münster offers space for about 10 people. For support requests you can contact Theo Thesing (theo.thesingfh-muensterde) and Clemens Wernsmann (clemens.wernsmannfh-muensterde).


    The Co.Creation.Lab in D140 offers an open space for creativity. The room is versatile due to its various design elements and offers tools, materials and training for desiging concepts. Thus, students should be able to discover and develop their own creative potential.

    What does the workspace of the Co.Creation.Lab offer?

  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • Black board wall
  • Flexible use of wooden cubes

    The Co.Creation.Lab is equipped according to Design Thinking principles and aims to promote creativity, knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary networking among students. The innovative interior design is intended to guide the type of collaboration and behaviour in teams towards increased collaboration and finding new approaches to solutions. In this way, innovative as well as entrepreneurial skills can be developed.

  • Who can use the Co.Creation.Lab?

    The Co.Creation.Lab is open to all students and teachers of the FHZ. Practice partners can also use the premises for joint projects.

    Which events can take place in the Co.Creation.Lab?

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Projects by students
  • Consulting projects that require a high degree of entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Project meetings of public research projects (e.g. for the development of research approaches)

    Prerequisite for having an event is the need for an environment that promotes creativity.

  • How can the Co.Creation.Lab be booked?

    The lab can be found in room D 140 in the Fachhochschulzentrum at Corrensstraße 25 in Münster. Booking is possible via the dean's office of the Münster Scool of Business: dekanat-msbfh-muensterde

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