General information

In the Master's program International Marketing & Sales, a semester abroad must be completed in the 3rd semester. If you are interested and depending on the partner university, you can also complete the 4th semester abroad.

The following things must be considered when choosing the partner university:

  • existing language skills (usually a minimum of B1/B2 is recommended)
  • motivation
  • personal financial situation

There are a number of partner universities abroad available. On the previous page you will find the partner universities which cooperate with our MSB.

Erasmus+ Partner University

intra-European partner university where you can study without tuition fees. In addition, an Erasmus+ grant is paid.

Partner University

intra- or non-European partner university where you can study without tuition fees

tolerated partner


foreign university with which the OfIS maintains a good relationship; Tuition fees are often charged

Freemover (only possible in Europe)

the organization of a semester abroad is done independently and without the help of the OfIS or International Office. Organisations such as 'College Contact' can help; often there are sometimes high tuition fees.

If you are planning a freemover stay as a first preference, you do not have to wait for a result of the allocation of study places, but in this case you start as soon as possible with the independent organization of the semester abroad and have informed us via the application form that you would like to go abroad as a freemover.



Semester abroad in the winter semester


Exception for study starters in the summer semester: 20.03.

Semester abroad in the summer semester


for intra-European partner universities (Erasmus+)


for non-European partner universities

After the application deadline, the study places will be distributed at the partner universities. You will receive a message about the allocation of study places within 6 weeks of the application deadline.

Here you may find the application form.

Recognition of academic achievements

The Examination Board decides on the recognition of academic achievements abroad.

Please first inform yourself independently about the study program offered by the cooperating universities.  In advance, you can also discuss with the head of the degree programme a possible recognition of achievements of your desired target university.


As a rule, the following conditions must be met:

  • Courses must be taught at Master's level
  • Business reference/reference to subject-related topics must be clearly recognizable
  • Language courses cannot generally be recognised


In any case, you must study 30 ECTS abroad.

Before starting the semester abroad, you must submit an application for recognition to the Examination Office. Without the approved application, your Learning Agreement cannot be signed.

Support regarding your study abroad semester

For personal advice on the topic of semesters abroad, you can contact the Office for International Studies (contact at the top left of the website)

Please note the  following points in advance:

  • As a rule, only one consultation can  be conducted - so think in advance about which target regions and partner universities are suitable for you.
  • Please read all information on the websites carefully before the consultation appointment.
  • Before the consultation, please take part in the information events on the subject of semesters abroad in your degree programme.

Students' reports

Students of the Master of International Marketing & Sales Programme tell you about their experiences during their study abroad semester.

International Project

Students, who have already studied abroad may choose to do a project abroad instead. More information can be found here:

Summer Schools offered by MSB's partner universities

Under the condition that the courses are Master's courses in the field of Business Studies and that ECTS is awarded for examination achievements, achievements from the Summer Schools linked here may be recognised at partner universities.
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