Quantitative Methods - Preparation

Is there a literature recommendation for preparing for Quantitative Management Methods?

Yes, we recommend the following literature:

B. Render et al.: Quantitative Analysis for Management, Pearson Education, New Jersey 2017

A. Field: Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, Sage Publications, London 2017

1. Accreditation of already acquired courses and periods of study

Courses and periods of studies of any other study programme cannot be accredited for the Master program International Marketing & Sales. In special cases, the examination broad will decide on the accreditation of already acquired courses.

What is meant by a business-related study programme?

Business-related study programmes are study programmes, in which approximate 75% of the total ECTS consists of business-related content. For example: In a bachelor degree that contains 180 ECTS, the students must have acquired 135 ECTS in business courses.

Is it right that within the 3rd semester a semester abroad is scheduled?

Yes, students of the Master programme International Marketing & Sales have to pass their 3rd semester at one of our partner universities.

Is it possible to accredit an already acquired semester abroad?

The semester abroad is an essential part of the Master programme International Marketing & Sales. As a result, a previous semester abroad cannot be accredited.

Do I have to pass exams within my semester abroad?

Students study the entire 3rd semester at one of our partner universities. They have to take courses with 30 ECTS and pass the exams of the respective curriculum of the partner university.

Is there an opportunity to do my PhD subsequent to the master degree?

The Master degree of the University of Applied Sciences Münster principally entitles you to do your PhD.

Is it possible to attend the Master programme International Marketing & Sales while working full-time?

The Master programme International Marketing & Sales is a full-time study.

What is the language in which lectures are conducted? German or English?

More than 70% of the Master programmes' courses are held in English. The residual courses are conducted in German.

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