Learning Outcomes

Acquire knowledge

Graduates can effectively self-manage (in terms of motivation, time, planning and behaviour) an IT-system supported learning process to gain knowledge on strategy & leadership, organisations, external environment and management in the professional fields of international marketing & sales.

Think analytically

Graduates can prepare effective decision taking by identifying knowledge gaps, formulating research questions for e.g. analysing customers or international markets, selecting and using appropriate quantitative and qualitative skills, making use of suitable communication and information systems, demonstrating cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis in order to derive strategic and operational recommendations for action in the professional fields of international marketing & sales.


Graduates can conduct research into business and management issues, either individually or as part of a team for projects / thesis / presentations. They can apply research methods appropriate to the research question, critically evaluate the quality of their work and scientific contribution and create a publication-ready Master's thesis.

Behave ethically

Graduates can discuss values of global social responsibility and ethical demands placed on them in the course of their business or research activities as international marketing & sales managers .

Apply knowledge and take decisions

Graduates can apply theoretical knowledge of the international marketing & sales discipline enabling them to take decisions on the development of appropriate strategies and measures solving business problems within a changing multicultural environment, to meet stakeholder interests in for example: marketing conception, sales management, international management, and business innovation.

Plan, then act

Graduates can identify, structure, analyse and finally solve international real-world business problems in conditions of limited knowledge or uncertainty by creating and evaluating a range of options with the help of quantitative and qualitative methods, applying project management skills, managing themselves as well as team members, coordinating tasks, delivering target group oriented results and reflecting critically on project success.

Intercultural communication

Graduates can effectively communicate in English or in the teaching language of their study abroad country on advanced academic and professional level, oral and in writing, in person and using a range of media and communication systems, which are widely used in business. They can precisely represent their own views and convictions in discussions in a natural - looking manner and act and react in socially adequate ways in intercultural, negotiation and ethically demanding situations.

Participate in and lead teams

Graduates can within a team environment, organize team building, effectively divide tasks, work confidently, disciplined, responsibly and results-oriented with a high level of commitment, lead by example, manage team members, conflict, and self-manage as part of a team, present deliverables and critically reflect on the quality of team performance.

Apply digital competences for virtual work

Graduates will be able to identify the main effects of digitization on companies and markets, to manage information & communication systems in order to demonstrate data literacy, technological literacy and digital interaction competence for application in the professional fields of international marketing & sales

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