What is the content of the aptitude assessment procedure?

The aptitude test is not a written examination, but a formal examination of the submitted documents by the selection committee.

In the first step, the submitted documents are used to check whether the candidate has a strong background in the course of study.

In the second step, candidates with an exceptional suitability receive a written confirmation and can then register.

A personal interview will be held with further candidates in which they describe their current professional and educational career and their particular motivation to take up this course of study. In addition, they should show that they have a certain basic understanding of logistics.

the first, professionally qualifying university degree was not obtained at a German university!

If the first, professionally qualifying university degree should not have been obtained at a German university, applicants should in any case inform themselves about the general admission requirements at the FH Müster in the Student Secretariat.
<p><br /><strong> The same applies to all foreign applicants.

What is the language of instruction in the Master of Logistics?

The language of instruction in the Master's programme in Logistics is predominantly German.

Selected compulsory courses are taught in English.
At present the language of instruction is English in the following courses:

  • Process- and Project Management
  • Procurement and distribution logistics
  • Academic Writing and Research Methods
  • IT Laboratory (partly in English)

In addition, there is the possibility to learn or deepen further foreign languages. Spanish courses especially for logisticians are offered on a very regular basis.

What title is awarded after graduation?

Upon successful completion of the Master's examination, you will be awarded the internationally recognized Master of Science (M. Sc.) title. The Master examination consists of the Master thesis and the colloquium.

Is a semester abroad included in the curriculum of the Master of Logistics?

There is no compulsory semester abroad in the curriculum of the Master's programme in Logistics.

Every student is free to spend a semester abroad, but the third semester is also suitable. Students will be supported by the university in the application process and in the recognition of their subjects.

In today's globalised world, it is particularly helpful for logistics companies to have gained experience abroad. Depending on the choice of the subjects to be credited, the course of study may be extended by one semester if necessary.
The Office for International Studies(OfIS) advises interested students of the School of Business and Economics about study opportunities abroad.

Is there a compulsory internship during the Master's Logistics study programme?

No, a mandatory internship is not to be completed.

There is the possibility to do an internship as part of the Master thesis.
As a rule, there are no compulsory courses during the semester break, so that an internship can also be completed during this time.

We will be happy to advise you personally on further possibilities for practical work.

Is it possible to get credit for courses already completed?

Basically, no.

Courses from bachelor's degree programmes are not credited..

What does the start of your studies look like?

As a rule, the first semester begins with a block week of the "Introduction to Logistics" courses in order to align the students' knowledge. Afterwards the other four modules of the semester are completed.
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