There is a lot of effort behind a good photograph: From a suitable objective to the right aperture to appropriate light, there are many factors you can work and design with in the field of photography.

In the Photography Workshop you get to know the operating modes of different cameras. You can even borrow the devices - as well as objectives, tripods and mobile flash units. Moreover, it is possible to book the photo studio for study-related shots. At the same time, the Photography Workshop offers everything you need for developing the photograph, whether it is analogue or digital.

The technical equipment includes a digital imagesetter, a winding machine, i-Mac computers and a B/W laboratory. The essential foundations of taking pictures can be learned regularly in discipline-specific courses. It is valid: Learning by doing!


Ulrike Dammann

Opening hours during the lecture period:
Monday and tuesday, 9:00 to 20:00

Wednesday: 9:00 to 17:00

Thursday and friday: for course participants of Mr Diehl (subject teacher), no open working hours!

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