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Student Journal 360°

360° is a student journal dealing with politics and society that is created in cooperation with the Faculty of Design.

The journal appears twice a year treating every time a different topic. It offers students of every branch of study the opportunity to publish own academic articles already during university studies.

art is beautiful_but a lot of work

The publishing house Ritterbach commissioned designers from Muenster to develop a new layout for the magazine »Junge Kunst«. The project has really been in step with actual practise as the publisher house announced right from the beginning that the best draft would be realised.

Conception with metaphers - students develop communication strategy

Design between information, sensation and provocation: creative workshop under the direction of Prof. Ulrich Kern develops approaches for the Faculty?s profile. In the center of consideration were questions like: How do we sharpen our profile? How do good performances get attention in the public? And how do we position ourselves in the contest with others universities?

Treaty of Westphalia - Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow - Muenster 2006

The peace negotiation in Muenster and Osnabrueck in 1648 was the first big political conference of the European powers and an important milestone in the history as it constitutes the basis for further negotiations with legal binding solutions. Therefore, the city of Muenster wants to commemorate this historical event with the exhibition series »Treaty of Westphalia. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.« The core of the annual presented exhibition series shall be exemplary up-to-date ideas and projects concerning conflict resolution and peacekeeping in the fields politics, science, media, education and culture. The conception as well as the realisation of the exhibition was under the direction of two work groups of the Faculty Design.

Design students set off »parents alarm«

The academic city Muenster positiones itself in the contest about image, students and visitors. Four students of the Faculty of Design developed - by order of the city marketing - the corporate design for this action which has called attention nationwide: On one week-end of the year the city of Muenster invites the parents of all students to visit the city and the academic locations where their children live and study.

Illustrators at buntlesen.de

buntlesen.de (engl.: reading variegated) is the talent platform of illustrators of the Faculty of Design. buntlesen.de offers editorial designers, art directors, advertisers and advertising agencies, creative directors, chiefs of newspaper sections, art-buyer, photo editors and editors support to find newcomers in the business. Furthermore, buntlesen.de assits with mentoring and executing of tasks in the field of editorial design. Powered by Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen and Prof. Marcus Herrenberger

Image campaign of the University of Applied Sciences

In the context of the seminar »Fast drafts« under the direction of Prof. Gisela Grosse, Tanja Recker and Prof Hermann Dornhege students of the Faculty of Design developed a series of postcards which portrait the studies at the University of Applied Sciences Muenster. In each case five of the portrait cards build up an individual face.

The perfect shopping bag

In cooperation with the German food company EDEKA 15 students of the Faculty Design developed the perfect bag for everyday shopping. A separate pocket for eggs, bottles or a shopping list-holder ? the presented drafts show usual plastic bags and jute bags up. The aim of the competition: a functional bag which is chic and modern.
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