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Familiar / Family Hi-Stories - The project

Prof. Rhie Won Bok, Duksung Women´s University, Seoul
Prof. Imai Yoshiro, Musashino University, Tokio
Prof. Marcus Herrenberger, Fachhochschule Münster

Three groups of students, one in Korea, one in Japan and the third in Germany have worked out a common project Familiar / family His-Stories and present the results now at the locations of the preparation. We show the different cultural understanding of family, as well in the contents of the social meaning as also in the esthetics of design.

The idea of family is wide expanded in Germany. It means the family of human beings, but also the scientific term, as you can see in the project about the family of the felidiae in the fauna. The traditional meaning of the term family changed since the 60s, to the small sized family and the wider relatives have accompanied the family of the single parent family, the patchwork family and the people, sharing a flat, which is family for some.

We have illustrated stories, which have been written by the students themselves and play anyhow in or with a family. The term we used as wide as possible, so that we have finished very different books. This corresponds to the european inclination to a distinct individuality, which you can remark also in the illustration. The korean students always talk about their own family, the japanese about the meaning of family in common, while the germans tell a story, which has anyhow to do with family.

This individualism is relative compares to the projects of our asian partners and shows the esthetic origin in the center of Europe.

Opening of the exhibition in the town library of Munster
from left to right: Prof. Dr. Niederdrenk, Frau Rasche, head of town library, Prof. Herrenberger, Prof. Rhie


photo Christoph Hachtkämper
Visit from Seoul, students of the Duksung Womens University in Ruhr Aera
photo Marcus Herrenberger

in cooperaion with

Mrs. Kim So Ming, Duksung Women´s University, Seoul
Mrs. Shin Myong Ho, Musashino University, Tokio
Gimm Yong International Press www.gimmyoung.com/english
with many thanks for sponsoring the catalogues
and also
Bandi and Loonies Bookstore, Seoul
Stadtbücherei Münster


The Exhibition in Münser Municipal Library.
photo Marcus Herrenberger

participating Students

german participants

Christoph Mett, The Spoon, will be published 2007 by Atlantis, Zürich
Christine Goppel, Cocoo, will be published 2007
Daniela Bunge, snow flurry, will be published 2006 by mineedition in Hongkong
Daniel Döbner, Emily and the Fog
Stefan Wolf, Nepomuk and his Friend

korean participans

Kang Su Yeon, My Mommy gets her Lover
Kil Jin He, I love my Daughter
Lee Ga Young, A special Present
Cho Susanna

japanese participans

Nishio Haruka, Family
Yasuda Sayaka, The Story of a lonely Dandelion
Lim Ying, Herth of an Orphanage


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