The basic principles of physics play a major role in: the development of life science and medical technology products for the benefit of people; the ability to become involved in exciting research in the field of optical technologies and laser technology; the combination of technical and business issues in management. The Department of Engineering Physics offers a wide range of courses covering these aspects, and prepares you for a successful career. Our research and development departments are globally networked, and support industry in application-oriented projects.

Subject Areas of the Department of Physical Engineering

Besides gaining profound specialist knowledge, you will learn methodological skills based on the state of the art in research and technology. The didactics and methodology used in our degree programmes are based on the latest developments in university teaching. Tutors, academic staff members and professors alike attend staff development courses on a regular basis, possibly one of the reasons why they win awards for excellent teaching.

Problem classes, lab classes and tutorials by experienced students are offered in many subjects, enhancing your learning success. Numerous practical tutorials are held, enabling you to put theory into practice, with exciting results. In the process, you will independently develop solutions, gaining interpersonal competence along the way.

Professors, academic staff members and experienced students provide individual supervision. Small groups help create an efficient learning atmosphere in which you can concentrate on the tasks at hand. We will guide you through the course content, enabling you to pass your exams without difficulty. In our department, you'll get the benefit of modern laboratory spaces, multimedia technology, web-based teaching, and international exchange programmes.

Research and projects

Our department's faculty have extensive experience in industry. After all, they translate scientific knowledge into practical applications during their research and development activities and within external funding projects. Thanks in particular to the high amount of external funding attracted, the Department of Engineering Physics labs are excellently equipped. At the Department of Engineering Physics, research is conducted at the top international level in the following fields:

Physics, mathematics, laser engineering, photonics, medical biotechnology and genetic engineering, medical device technology, biomechanics, orthopaedic technology, materials engineering, sensor systems, simulation and design of microsystems, measurement and control technology, experimental seal technology, and industrial engineering.

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