The Student Lab

Our Student Lab encourages experimentation, research and discovery for sixth form students. Challenging physics laboratory classes covering the entire spectrum of fundamental physics are offered to cooperating schools, which would usually be unable to provide such classes. In addition, a number of high school students are invited to conduct experimental work in our laboratory.

We are currently collaborating with a number of schools to create a Mobile Lab. In this project, sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation, high school students and teachers, students and professors join forces to set up a commercially unavailable experiment stand for use in participating schools. The stand will enable experiments to be conducted in semiconductor physics, electron optics, quantum physics and vacuum technology.


Lab classes at the Department of Engineering Physics of Münster University of Applied Sciences have been conducted with several schools on a regular basis for years. The aim of this cooperation is to ease the transition between school and university, and to enhance students' interest in science and engineering by offering learning venues outside school. By establishing contact with young high school students, university information is transmitted to schools, helping guide students in their choice of degree programme. Contacts to schools are coordinated by the School Network.

The Department of Engineering Physics has entered into cooperation agreements with the following schools in a bid to enhance students' interest in science:

The Mobile Lab Project

A Mobile Lab for semiconductor research is being created at the Department of Engineering Physics of Münster University of Applied Sciences, with €48,000 in funding from the Robert Bosch Foundation. The lab is being developed and set up by high school students and teachers from the Münsterland region in collaboration with students and faculty. The collaborative project work covers all aspects, from basic principles through to functioning equipment. In this way, the atmosphere of a scientific research lab is created, in a bid to get high school students and their teachers fired up about engineering physics, nurturing tomorrow's scientists.

With this lab, physical effects can be demonstrated, students can experiment freely and learn the key technologies on which semiconductor physics is based. It also enables experiments to be conducted on topics concerning electron physics, quantum physics, optical technology, semiconductor physics, atomic physics and vacuum technology. The lab is equipped far beyond the standard of school labs.

Our Physics Show

During our Physics Show, we demonstrate 25 exciting experiments to 4th to 7th graders. Within the space of an hour, we touch on the subjects of music, light, wind, electricity, heat and vacuum. During the show, we introduce children to the fascinating world of space physics; turn light into fire; send cyclones through the lecture hall; make phone calls using laser beams; and play laser guitar.


Andreas Galle
Stegerwaldstraße 39, 48565 Steinfurt, NRW, Germany
Room: D 146
Tel: +49 2551 9-62372

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High school students conduct research

Whether Girls' Days or in the Student Lab: our young visitors are always extremely interested in the experiments and research we conduct with them.

Taster lectures

Taster lectures give high school students the opportunity to sit in on (usually first-year) lectures and seminars, enabling them to experience first hand what it's like to study at our university. The aim is not for visitors to learn the course content.

General offers for high school students

The Münster University of Applied Sciences offers children and students various opportunities to get a taste of studying. Find out more here:
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