Our expertise

Nanobiotechnology and solutions in medical imaging are one focus of expertise of the EUREGIO BioMedtech Center.

An extensive range of biophysical, biochemical and biomedical methods, e.g. cellular MTP assays or FACS assays, is available for the development and production of recombinant proteins up to the preparation of functional nanoparticle conjugates. In cooperation with partners, preclinical toxicity studies of nanomaterials including the histological detection of non-fluorescent nanomaterials in tissues by confocal laser scanning microscopy can be performed. Furthermore, 3D models and tissue phantoms of different tumor cell lines are available for the testing of nanomaterials. For instance, animal studies with fluorescent nanomaterials have already been carried out in cooperation with leading medical technology companies.

The EUREGIO BioMedtech Center (325 m² incl. S1 lab) has excellent facilities at its disposal for cloning and screening, imaging and histology, fermentation and expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, as well as the purification and characterization of recombinant proteins. Additional clinical devices such as ECG, EEG, and glucose and lactate analyzers are used in various biomedical projects. Currently, new R&D projects are being prepared for the medical application of nanotechnology in oncology, neurology and surgery.

Through the extensive business experience of the head of the EUREGIO BioMedtech Center (first prize business plan start-up, company co-founder, development of a patent portfolio, legal basis of medical technology companies, identification of business ideas, venture capital, coordination of medical project partners, FDA consultation) we are an experienced partner for confidential contract research conducted under SOP requirements to develop nanomedical products.


Latest acquisition: Nanotrac Flex (Microtrac company)

Measurement of the heterodyne, dynamic light scattering to determine the particle size


Glass apparatus for performing parallel syntheses under inert gas atmosphere

Confocal Laser Scanning Fluorescence Microscope Zeiss LSM 510 Meta

3D-Microscopy of fixed or vital mammalian cell cultures and tissue sections

Inverse Transmitted Light Fluorescence Microscope Leica DM IL

Epifluorescence microscoy of fluorescence-labeled cell preparations

Fluorometer HORIBA Jobin Yvon FluoroMax-P

Measurement of fluorescence spectra

Dako AutostainerPlus

Reproducable and consistent staining of slides for histology and cytology

Wyatt DynaPro NanoStar

Measurement of the dynamic light scattering of particles and biomolecules for determing the hydrodynamic radius

Micro Calorimeter MicroCal VP-ITC

Measurement of protein interactions and the determination of binding parameters

Tecan SpectraFluor Plus Multifunction Reader

Determination of fluorescence, absorption and luminescence in microtiter plates

Tecan Genesis Freedom 200 Liquid-Handling Rotot and Screening System

Automated screening of yeast cells, hit-picking, preparation of replica plates, picking with pipetting needles and subsequent DNA isolation of the picked yeast colonies

Amersham pharmacia biotech ÄKTA Explorer FPLC System

Column chromatographic protein separation (preparative and analytical)

Flow Cytometer Becton Dickinson FACScan

Generation of blood count, analysis of multiple cell parameters

Bioanalysator Super GL compact

Determination of glucose and lactate concentrations in the blood and complex solutions

15 L-Fermenter B.Braun Biostat C

Culturing of bacterial cultures such as Escherichia coli or Lactococcus lactis (medium scale)

42 L-Fermeter Bioengineering LP351

Culturing of bacterial cultures (large scale)


Fa. PerkinElmer Typ Lambda Bio +
Fa. Hewlett Packard Typ 8452

absorption measurement for the determination of the optical density (cell cultures), DNA or protein concentrations

(SDS-) Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis

Fa. Biometra
Electrophoretic separation of cell extract or protein expressions by molecular weight or charge

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Fa. Biometra
Fa. biostep Typ Bioview UXFT-20MW-8R
Fa. Mitsubishi Typ Intas P91D

Electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids, size determination of DNA fragments and of fluorescent molecules including nanoparticles

PCR Devices Biometra T Gradient / T Personal

Amplification of DNA for microbiology work

Concentrator Eppendorf 5301

Reduction of sample volume in vacuo by means of centrifugal force

Laboratory and Table Centrifuges

Fa. Thermo Scientific Typ Sorvall Evolution RC (max. RZB 70.450 x g)
Fa. Hettich Zentrifugen Typ Universal 30RF (max. RZB 23.145 x g)
Fa. Eppendorf Typ 5810R (max. RZB 20.913 x g)
Fa. Thermo Scientific Typ Heraeus Pico 17 (max. RZB 17.000 x g)
Fa. Thermo Scientific Typ Heraeus Biofuge pico (max. RZB 17.000 x g)
Fa. LMS Typ MCF-2360 (max. RZB 2.200 x g)

Separation of cells and particles by means of centrifugal acceleration

Ultrasound-Processor Dr. Hielscher UP 400S

Homogenization of cell suspensions


Fa. Heidolph Instruments Typ Titramax 1000
Fa. Infors Typ Ecotron HT
Fa. Infors Typ Novotron HT
Fa. WTB Binder

For the cultivation of bacteria (mini- and maxi-prep)

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Messer APOLLO Biosafe

Storage of mammalian cell lines and genetically modified organims (GMOs)

Autoclave (75 L) H+P Varioklav

Steam sterilisation of culture media and vessels

Biosafety Cabinat Heraeus HERAsafe HS 12 Class 2

Sterile work with mammalian cell cutures

-80°C Freezer Thermo Scientific Revco UxF 40086V

Long-term storage of bacterial strains, tissues and proteins

Electroencephalograph (EEG) Nihon Kohden EEG-1200K

Derivation of the electrical brain activity

Electrocardiograph (ECG) with phantom and ergometer Nihon Kohden ECG 1550 Ergo

Derivation of the excitation process of the heart

Electromyography (EMG) Instrumente Picker International Schwarzer EMG 2002

Derivation of the evoked potentials, reflexes and motoric nerve conduction velocities
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