Project goals

- the development of a pain-reduced 3D mammography examination procedure to achieve a higher quality and participation rate in breast cancer screening

- the development of artificial intelligence-based technology for 3D mammography image evaluation for the improved analysis of calcification patterns in radiological findings and

- the development of a multimodal imaging marker to enable surgeons to localize involved lymph nodes or the tumor using innovative imaging techniques.

Demandoriented, practical problems from the field of medical imaging, e.g. from the university hospital (user), are to be addressed in order to develop solutions in cooperation with the universities and the companies involved. The participating research institutions and companies develop and protect innovative solutions and findings in order to be able to offer them in the short, medium and long term for the benefit of patients. In addition, the products of the participating companies currently being developed are to be brought to market maturity and made accessible across borders for the performance and evaluation of mammography examinations.

The consortium of the InMediValue project meets regularly to exchange information on the progress made. (Photo: UKM/Wibberg)

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