Project description

Optical and haptic properties of plastics are determined by the surface of the moulding tool which is used to create their surface. In case of a car´s dashboard, these moulds are meter-sized and contain a variety of different surface types. Laser ablation using ultrashort laser pulses shall be used to structure the surface of these moulds. This would lead to a very flexible and fully digital process as opposed to the currently manually crafted mould production.

Development of a fast deformable mirror

The focal position of the laser must be constantly adjusted because the mould has a complex, three-dimensional shape. A deformable mirror in the path of the laser beam could be used for this but its actuation must take place in less than a millisecond. The deformable mirror with an aperture of a few millimeters must have a stroke of several micrometers to achieve the required focal shift. Our group is developing a unimorph piezoelectric mirror that meets these requirements.


Prototype of a fast z-shifter. Left: Structured piezo ceramic disc. Middle: Mounted piezo ceramic disc, bonded to a reflecting glass substrate. Right: Assembled prototype


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The project eVerest is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under contract no. 02P14A140 ff.

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