Bruker Optik GmbH (BO) – PISA
Rudolf-Planck-Strasse 27
76275 Ettlingen, Germany
tel: +49 7243 504-680, fax: +49 7243 504-698
Dr. Arno Simon
e-mail : arnosimonbrukeropticsde
Fachhochschule Münster (FHM)
Stegerwaldstr. 39
48565 Steinfurt, Germany
tel: +49 2551 962-532, fax: +49 2551 962-705
Dr. Ulrich Wittrock
e-mail: wittrockfh-muensterde
Interspectrum OU (ISM)
Tartu Science Park
185A Riia Street
51014 Tartu, Estonia
tel: +372 7383 008, fax: +3727383 065
Dr. Teofilus Tonnisson
e-mail: teointerspectrumee
SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
Brinellgatan 4
S-50115 Boras, Sweden
tel: +46 33 165-403, fax: +46 33 165-620
Dr. Anne Andersson
e-mail: anne.anderssonspse

Bruker Optik GmbH is developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality FT-IR spectrometers for more tham 20 years. These spectrometers are used in research institutions and industry all over the world for a variety of different applications ranging from analyzing endogenous influence of gases in the atmosphere to scientific research up to quality control in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Bruker Optik intends to expand its activities further into other areas like quality control of optical electro-optical equipment, process control and environmental analysis.

Fachhochschule Münster is considered as one of the leading centres for applied sciences and research and technology developments in Germany. The department of Applied Physics main aims of research are connected with laser guided micro-machining, development of new solid-state laser sources, adaptive optics, sensor systems for quality control, and development of bio-technological and gene-technological diagnostic systems.

Interspectrum OU was established in 1991 as a spin-off company from the Special Design Bureau of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, producing mainly measurement and testing equipment for the Soviet Union space program. During the last 7 - 8 years the company has been engaged in the development of sophisticated infrared and near infrared Fourier transform spectrometers for laboratory as well as for field use.

SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute is a state owned research organisation under the Ministry of Industry. SP is the national institute for technical evaluation, research, testing, certification, metrology, and calibration and is working closely with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organisations. International research and co-operation plays an important role. SP is active in several different areas of technology including telecommunications, measurement technology, chemistry and materials technology and finally certification.

- dropped out after redirection of the project

Agilent Technologies Deutschland GmbH (ADT) - POSA
Herrenbergerstr. 130
71034 Böblingen, Germany
tel: +49 7031 464-4862, fax: +49 7031 464-7547
Dr. Joachim Peerlings
e-mail: joachim_peerlingsagilentcom

Agilent Technologies Deutschland GmbH is a diversified high-technology company focusing on markets within the telecommunication, electronics and life sciences industries. Agilent provides equipment for a range of applications, including wireless data transfer, Internet, semiconductors, and computing.

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