The Doctoral Studies Programme regularly organises seminars, workshops and symposia to help PhD candidates on their path towards a career in academia or business and to foster expert exchange and knowledge transfer. In addition to the intensive, independent exploration of a research topic under sound expert guidance, the Doctoral Studies Programme also enables PhD students to gain key transferable skills such as project management, presentation and communication skills, and interculturality.

The services also offer early career researchers a platform for exchanging information about their research and for networking. Courses are designed to promote an interdisciplinary approach, enabling doctoral candidates to get an idea of how their work fits in to the context of international developments. The programme of events offered within the Doctoral Studies Programme is subdivided into four modules, each of which promotes the key transferable skills of doctoral candidates.

Courses are offered regularly (once or twice a year) within the following modules:

Module 1: Research Skills

  • Planning, Conceptual Design and Implementation Approaches of Empirical Research Projects
  • Introduction to Data Analysis using IBM-SPSS
  • Statistical Methods of Analysis
  • Calculation of Probabilities
  • Sustainable Development - Normative Foundations and Practical Applications in Scientific Work
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  • Academic Writing in German
  • Academic Writing Skills

Module 2: Leadership Skills

  • Human Resources Management
  • Intercultural Management
  • Applied Project Management
  • Time Management and Planning Techniques for PhD Studies

Module 3: Communication Skills

  • Communication Training
  • Starting Out in Academic Teaching
  • Becoming a Lecturer with Confidence

Module 4: Expertise

Please submit applications for the transfer of credits to Jasmin Biedermann.

PhD Students' Symposium

  • Each year, a PhD Students' Symposium is held in collaboration with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

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