Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to qualify for a subsequent career in business or academia during a three-year programme alongside their PhD studies. The aim of the Doctoral Studies Programme is to give PhD students the foundations required for critically assessing their scientific findings beyond their specialist skills, and for taking responsibility in top-level positions in academia and other professional fields.

The high quality standards at Münster University of Applied Sciences also apply to the courses offered as an accompanying measure within the Doctoral Studies Programme. In order to consistently meet these requirements, the Doctoral Studies Programme works together with national and international cooperation partners.

The Doctoral Studies Programme aims to help PhD students to connect the academic performance required within their doctoral candidacy to strategic research approaches within and outside the university.

By supporting PhD students in their research activities, the Doctoral Studies Programme seeks to strengthen the research profile of Münster University of Applied Sciences on a long-term basis, establishing its profile in the development of PhD students and strengthening its significance as a "Lisbon Reference University".

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