Further qualification offers

The Doctoral College offers a wide range of attractive qualification measures, which are intended in particular to enable students to pursue a subsequent career in business or academia. Credit points (ECTS) are awarded for participation in the courses; if defined requirements are met (see below), students receive a certificate from the doctoral college. The programme is divided into four modules:

Certificate of the doctoral college

The courses are awarded credits (ECTS) according to the workload. Considering the necessary preparation and follow-up of the attended courses, 0.75 ECTS are awarded per event day. A total of 12 ECTS must be obtained to complete the doctoral programme in four modules:

Further support options

We are unable to offer placement services for doctoral projects.

Scientific Commission of the Fh Münster Doctoral College

FH Münster Doctora College works under the responsibility of the Presidential Board of FH Münster. It is headed by a member of the Presidential Board:

Prof. Dr. phil. Stephan Barth Vice-President for Research, Continuing Education and Human Resource Development

The Scientific Commission consists of seven professors from different disciplines. On behalf of the Presidential Board, it ensures the accompanying programmes and develops them further. The following professors are currently members of the scientific committee of the FH Münster Doctoral College:

Professor Department
Prof. Dr. Isabel von Keitz Business Administration
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus Backhaus Engineering Physics
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Bredol Chemical Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Flamme Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Susanne Kreutzer Health
Prof. Dr. phil. Mirko Sporket Social Work
Prof. Dr. Michael Tüxen Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Contact persons in the doctoral college

Contact person Schwerpunkte

Nadine Rodemann


  • Admission to the doctoral college
  • Maintenance of the doctoral student database as well as evaluations and statistics
  • Questions about the doctorate
  • Further development of the seminar program
  • Seminar organisation
  • Crediting of external achievements
  • Travel allowance

Eva Maria Ehlers


  • Advice for those interested in doctoral studies
  • Questions about the doctorate
  • PhD program qualification positions
  • Crediting of external achievements
  • Further development of the seminar program

Dr. Marc Lindart


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