What is a cooperative doctoral examination procedure?

Thanks to Bologna, graduates of universities of applied sciences now have better access to doctorates. As is the case with Master's degrees taken at a university, a Master's degree earned at a university of applied sciences generally qualifies the graduate to pursue a doctorate. Although universities of applied sciences do not at present have the right to award doctoral degrees independently, higher education acts in most federal states provide for cooperative doctoral examination procedures in which the supervision and examination of the doctoral candidate is undertaken by a professor from a university of applied sciences and a university professor.

The criteria applicable to degrees from universities of applied sciences earned by candidates interested in pursuing a doctorate differ greatly between the federal states. The main reason for this is that the admission procedure for doctoral candidates is not governed universally by law, but individually by each university's doctoral regulations, for which the faculties are responsible.

In general, it can be said that admission to doctoral candidacy requires a Master's degree (or a comparable qualification) in a subject area that can be assigned to the envisaged topic of the PhD thesis. The student must have gained an above-average Master's degree.

The entry requirements for a doctorate programme are governed by the doctoral regulations of the cooperating university that has the right to award doctoral degrees.

Being one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences, numerous professors at Münster University of Applied Sciences are involved in a wide range of research projects. In the process, they are supported by early career researchers who are often interested in pursuing a doctorate.

The majority of our doctoral candidates are graduates of Münster University of Applied Sciences. In cases of exception, external candidates are also considered. The graduate should make sure that he or she has found a professor from Münster University of Applied Sciences and a professor from a cooperating university who are willing to supervise the envisaged doctorate. All professors from Münster University of Applied Sciences with a proven track record in research may act as supervisors.

Around 120 cooperative doctorates are currently being undertaken at Münster University of Applied Sciences.

What support is offered by Münster University of Applied Sciences?

During your time as a doctoral candidate at Münster University of Applied Sciences, you will have the opportunity to qualify for a subsequent career in business or academia during a three-year programme alongside your PhD studies.

The Doctoral Studies Programme enables PhD students to gain skills and to engage in expert exchange, and regularly puts on seminars, workshops and symposia to promote research skills, leadership skills, communication skills and expertise.

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