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Where is W-LAN available?

W-Lan is basically available everywhere at the FH, but in some cases these are departmental networks. One network that can be used by all students is the "eduroam".
Here you can simply plug in with your notebook. This requires the access data that were sent to you on your first sheet with your study certificates. These are at the top right.

How do I get to W-Lan?

Either you go directly to the data processing centre and let it help you, or you first try it on your own. The normal course of action is to connect to the "FH-Muenster" network and find the instructions for accessing "eduroam" there. Depending on the operating system, different steps are necessary, which can also be easily done by laymen. If necessary the DVZ helps.

What are my access data like when I want to log in to the PC Pool?

As well as for the access to the "eduroam" the access data from the letterhead of the study certificates are necessary for this (It is absolutely necessary to remember them well, because they are always used for the PC's in the pools, also for some modules such as computer science). With this user account it is quite normal to work. Data must be stored on drive Z:\, which only you have access to. Keep in mind that this storage capacity is not unlimited and will be deleted from time to time during the semester break, i.e. at the latest before: save data on a stick and take it with you!

How do I set up my FH email account?

To set up your email address, log in to the "My Account" service (myFH) and then set up your alias and any forwarding to another email account.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, the DVZ will create a new one for you. However, you must be able to identify yourself. (Identity card)

Who can help me with other FH-related computer problems?

DVZ is your contact for everything concerning computer technology at the FH. Excluded from this are the copiers and private problems with your notebook, as long as they do not concern access to the FH network. If necessary, simply contact other students, many can help.

Are there public photocopiers?

Yes, they are in the corridor to the DVZ in the glass room. You need your FHcard to pay.

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