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Where can I find a Mensa meal plan?

Meal plans hang directly on the cafeteria and in several places in the departments. In the Department of Physical Technology directly opposite room D 145 next to the loading terminal or e.g. in the GRIPS II in the vending machine café.
There is also a corresponding app for Android and IPhone and a website.

Where can I get a canteen card?

Your FH card is your canteen card.

How can I recharge the card?

The card must be loaded at the loading terminal in the Mensa, next to room D145 or in the GRIPS II building (M) at the vending machines.

What else can I do with the card?

Besides paying in the cafeteria, the card is also suitable for copying, printing (in the PC pools) and buying snacks and drinks at the vending machines.
The cafeteria card is also required to refund the deposit on drinking cups. It can also be used to pay in the Münster refectories.

Where can I get something to eat or drink outside the Mensa opening hours?

If the cafeteria is closed or if neither you nor the machines meet your taste, the small shop "Demtschük" is located on the right hand side on the way to the FH from the railway station. However, its opening hours during lunch time are rarely compatible with the lunch breaks at the FH. So, shop first. Otherwise, if you follow Stegerwaldstraße in the direction of Hauptstraße, you will find an Edeka and a bakery, as well as at the train station. For the bigger hunger, one has to ride a few meters by bike, in the city centre there are some snack shops (Pizzeria Avanti, Cafe Niveau, ...), at the train station Pizza Express and in the Ochtruper Straße the "Rondell".

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