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MEDICA 2019: Enthusiasm included!

Students of the Master's programme in Biomedical Engineering of the Münster University of Applied Sciences visited the Medica (Photo: Prof. Mittmann)

Trends in the medical industry, informative demonstrations and excellent opportunities to test the latest equipment systems live, the participants did not miss out on the excursion.

Top topic fluorescence and laparoscopy:

We informed ourselves in detail about the latest developments in laparoscopy, such as NIR fluorescence detection, and tested them hands-on. The students were impressed by the opportunity to discuss detailed questions with the developers and to compare the image quality of the videos from different manufacturers. We also tested the latest developments for 3D imaging of the laparoscopic surgical field. Some of the equipment systems that have not yet been CE-certified have already been presented to us in detail. The companies were very happy to take advantage of the students' interest to encourage them to submit unsolicited applications.

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We were able to test live very good software and hardware components that enable the surgeon to create a detailed and rotatable three-dimensional representation of an organ for planning the procedure. The participants were particularly enthusiastic when Prof. Mittmann introduced you directly to one of the company's employees who joined this highly innovative company 10 years ago after completing his master's degree in biomedical engineering at Münster University of Applied Sciences.


Thanks to the commitment of the EUREGIO Biotech Center team, a highly informative and free excursion to MEDICA, the world's largest medical trade fair, was made possible. Students take the enthusiasm and motivation for medical research and development with them, the best prerequisite for the planned applications in innovative companies and institutes! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Latest Publication

Our joint publication with the Institute for Biosignal Analysis at the University Hospital of Münster has now been published. You will find the possibility to download the article under "Publications - International articles".

Title: "Choice of test stimulus matters for pitch matching performance: Comparison between pure tone and narrow band noise" (2019)

Many thanks for the cooperation!

Benefit for the patient

Prof. Dr. Karin Mittmann discusses with partners of the InMediValue project. (Photo: FH Münster/Press Office)
Münster/Steinfurt (29 January 2019). Doctors, scientists, engineers, technical assistants, IT specialists from Münster and the Netherlands. They all work together in the new project "InMediValue" - against cancer. In a variety of ways: They are developing novel techniques around medical images, such as X-ray images, which are intended for concrete use in hospitals. And they always take the entire value chain into account. Does the patient accept the examination better in breast cancer screening? Can the physician be supported in her findings by artificial intelligence? How can the surgeon find the tumour more quickly in the operating theatre? Read more...

Graduate thesis 2019

  • Retrospective fusion of PET and MRT: Comparison of the visibility of liver lesions in positron emission tomography and diffusion-weighted and contrast medium-assisted magnetic resonance tomography

  • Pulsatile Characterization of the CorWave Left Ventricular Assist Device in static and physiological environments

  • Novel digitomotography variables in quantitative motor tests (Q-Motor) in Huntington's Disease, validated against the TRACK-HD data set

  • Bewertung von Messsystemen für die Leistungsbeurteilung von Dampfsterilisations- und Reinigungs-Desinfektionsprozessen

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