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Münster School of Business

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Short bio

Prof. Dr. habil. Thomas Baaken holds a position as Senior-Professor in Marketing and gen. Business Management at Münster School of Business, FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences (


In 2002 he founded the S2BMRC "Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre", which is creating Marketing Strategies and Tools on how to market Research and Knowledge ( to Industry and Society. Major Studies haven been on University-Business Cooperation, The Centre runs three Research Lines: Science-to-Business, Science-to-Society and Science-to-Entrepreneurship.

The Centre has conducted several surveys on European Level, e.g. "The state of University Business Cooperation in Europe" in 2010/11 and "University-Business Cooperation in Europe" 2017/18 (; recently for PwC the study "Entrepreneurship Hubs in 19 Countries of Europe".


The Centre employs some 30 Researches from 18 different countries on Third Party funds generated from Germany and other Governments, EU, DAAD and Industry.

Thomas Baaken served as Vice President Research and Technology Transfer in FH Münster. Since 2003 he is affiliated with ECIC "The Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre" at The University of Adelaide serving since 2008 as Adjunct Professor, is adjunct fellow at VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Satakunta University oAS in Finland. In 2010 he achieved his Habilitation in IHI of TU Dresden.


Thomas Baaken is member of several advisory boards like the global strategy "International Marketing Campaign for the German Research and Sciences" at German Ministry of Higher Education and Research Berlin, "Science City Münster" at Münster City Council, the University-Industry Innovation Network UIIN in Amsterdam and also at several SMEs.

Teaching and Research Areas

  • Business-to-Business Marketing and Market Research
  • Science-to-Business Marketing and Market Research (Science Marketing, Research Marketing and Scientific Marketing)
  • High Tech Marketing and High Tech Market Research
  • Marketing for innovative Products and Services
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Customer Retention
  • Partnering Programmes, PRM (Partner Relationship Management), Partner Satisfaction
  • Procurement Marketing
  • Market Research (quantitative and qualitative)

Communication Rules for Students

Generally any kind of question is to be clarified in my consultation hour. The dates for the consultation-hour are published on the homepage. You can sign up by contacting Ms Denise Becker or Ms Anna Haasler for the respective date and time, or ask for a telephone appointment.

In case you have several relevant questions, write them down as the consultation-hour is limited to 20 minutes for each student. This timing should be met.

To discuss an already agreed upon thesis topic, you should always bring a printout of a first outline draft and a draft concept in duplicate. The title is to be written above the outline. Also the registration form for the Final Thesis, GMII, Projects are to be brought to the meeting and should be filled out as much as possible. You can find the registration forms at the examination office or in the Internet. For any questions regarding the registration and duration, topic announcement and collection as well as deadlines, please contact the examination office (Prüfungsamt).

Especially when you are currently not in Münster and/or want to contact me in urgent cases, please do so via e-mail

Please note here:

  • Emails addressed to lecturers and administration personnel are to be written in appropriate way. Colloquial forms of address and formulation are not appropriate (we are a university after all).
  • Please write a meaningful and clear subject line (eg.: Thesis supervision). Emails without a clear subject line cannot be read and answered due to the large amount of Emails we received daily.

In order to facilitate the work for me and my colleagues, please note the following rules in addition:

  • For general questions about your study, please try to solve the question yourself in advance by talking to fellow students and/or reading corresponding websites and notices.
  • For specific information, please inform yourself via the primary contact persons, eg. examination office. In any case of questions concerning exam regulation issues please contact the examination office first. If you have further questions and/or are unclear about something we can arrange a meeting during my consultation hour.
  • Please ask questions regarding my lectures during or after the lecture, or in my consultation hour.
  • Please do not send any Emails regarding marks or exam results. The exam results will be made available online by the examination office. This applies also to review the exam result.

These rules may sound bureaucratic or partly be absolutely obvious, but they facilitate our and your work. And they were created for good reason.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with these rules.

Professor Dr. Thomas Baaken

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