10 January 2020 | Münster

Change Lab is an open-forum event run for-and-by students. It aims to create a shared co-learning platform for academics, external experts and students to spread ideas that create societal impacts and changes via short and powerful discussions.

Our first annual event, featuring the topic: "Is veganism the answer to climate change and animal welfare?", was successfully held on 10th January, 2020 in the Fachhochschulzentrum FHZ, Münster.

We are honoured to have invited three inspiring, well-esteemed speakers to attend our event:

Mr. Otto Reiners, the direct candidate of the green party in the constituency Münster for the state elections (2010), a co-founder of Prütt Café, which is a local vegetarian café in Münster. Mr. Reiners is an ecotrophologist and a member of the district executive committee and city council of Münster.

Mr. Reiners shared with us how vegan or vegetarian diets can be an essential and sensible measure to implement the United Nations' "Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development".

Mr. Christian Köder, M.Sc., who is an academic expert in plant-based nutrition at the Department of Ecotrophology at FH-Münster. Christian himself is a vegan and his doctoral dissertation focuses on promoting health lifestyles in different communities. On top of that, he has published many works on veganism, nutritional advances in the prevention and management of chronic diseases and works with the Scientifc Congress for Plant-based Nutrition and Medicine. 

Christian shared a lot of interesting insights about the contribution of plant-based nutrition to our health and environment with us from a scientific point of view!  

And last but not least, Mr. Niklas Tauch - the head of marketing at Venture Club, a master student of business chemistry and the co-founder of the first sustainable online trade start-up in Germany, Unpacked. Unpacked delivers goods via bikes, plastic-free and unpacked.

During the event, Niklas shared his vision of how people in Münster could purchase products in a convenient yet sustainable way - by emphasising the value of goods purchased and getting rid of the unnecessary packaging!

After the speakers shared their insights with the audience, we played a video about an interesting interview we conducted. Our Change Lab coordinator and content producer, Pal Shrishti and José Miguel Gutiérrez, asked the people in Münster about their views on the topic.

Our first event also attracted a group of diverse Changemakers from all walks of life with various backgrounds. Several interactive activities were conducted to construct an inspiring and fun environment for the audience. Alongside with drinks and snacks, the Changemakers engaged in the networking activities and our interesting panel discussion session about the implications of veganism on environmental changes and animal welfare.

The highlight of the day was the innovation session, where our Changemakers brainstormed and came up with innovative solutions to facilitate our contribution towards evironmental sustainability. The Changemakers competed for the title of 'The most innovative Changemaker of the day'. The winning Changemakers came up with two ideas: to introduce an App for any products, which allows us to track the carbon footprint of the product from manufacturing to delivery process; and an App to find cheap and nice vegan food.

The event was a huge success and was positively rated by the Changemakers. We thank everyone for supporting us! Change Lab will carry these positive experiences and return with more exciting social topics and activities in the coming year.

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