25 May 2020 | Münster

This Summer Semester 2020, the "Case Studies International" lecture from the International Marketing module, led by Jun. Prof. Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero and PhD (c) Claudia Umanzor, has been chosen to pilot around Sustainability and Ethics in order to formally bring the important topic into the agenda.

The virtual class consisting of 27 students had the opportunity to have Bogbi's Co-founder Sigurd Kihl and Bogbi's main Investor Kristoffer Fernando Lærdal as guest speakers, were they had the occasion to understand and learn how this Colombian-Norwegian company decided to advocate for sustainable development by adopting a sustainable business model.

Bogbi is a Colombian-Norwegian cargo bike produced under fair working conditions for smooth rides in Colombia and around the world. The concept was born in Colombia and emerged from the need of two stay-at-home Dads, Sigurd Kihl and Eduardo Moreno, to facilitate the transport of their children and goods throughout the busy city of Bogotá.

Bogbi's USP is the perfect combination of Norwegian industrial design with skilful Colombian welders who make sure the manufacturing process takes place with the highest standards, while maintaining profound respect for the planet, an eye on profit and positive impact on people.

During the one-hour presentation, the guests shared their motivations to embark in such a project, about their challenges and also important milestones over time ever since their founding in 2016; both Sigurd and Kristoffer were able to evidence how by manufacturing cargo bikes under fair conditions they contribute to sustainability and a brighter future for Colombia, a country hardly affected by almost 6 decades of civil war.

The guest lecture ended with an insightful discussion, were students participated actively with avid questions and interesting remarks that created a dynamic flow of participation and left everyone inspired to embark themselves in the adventure to become informed decisionmakers and managers who can also become ambassadors for sustainability.

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