8 June 2020 | Münster

Following the Case Studies International, Sustainability & Ethics series of e-lectures from the International Marketing module, a new guest was invited into the virtual classroom, led by Jun. Prof. Dr Sue Rossano Rivero and PhD (c) Claudia Umanzor. This week's guest was Marcos Perez Gulin, founder of Galicia Sustentable, a non-profit organisation located in the in the autonomous community of Galicia, North-western Spain.

During the virtual session students got the opportunity to listen and reflect with Marcos Perez about a more holistic approach to sustainability. In his own words "we are disconnected from the ecosystem that supports our existence on earth", thus, making it more challenging to face societal problems.

The values and goals of Galicia Sustentable, aim to introduce sustainability and solve future challenges by cracking the sustainability algorithm -like a rubrik cube- by promoting, leading and participating in research projects that will bring clear data and information about causes and effects into the table.

Marcos has led the organisation for over 10 years pointing out towards a sustainable path in society and how thinking in this way, Galicia Sustentable has moved from being the seed of change to be just the fertilizer. "We no longer want to solve practical problems because we have no idea which ones we will face in the near future. So, our impact is simple and humble, we want to make people think. We no longer say what to do, just introducing rational doubts as a virus in the system."

Students took notes during the whole presentation and posted deep questions regarding the pertinency of sustainability in the economic, social and environmental aspects.

His final remark: "Sustainability will never be an obstacle for businesses, sustainability does not intend to come in your way; introducing sustainable development criteria in the decision process from the very beginning, when all the opportunities are still available is more efficient and smarter."

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