8 June 2020 | Münster

In a social-distancing and lockdown world, the first online University-Industry Interaction Conference took place from the past 8 to 11 June 2020. The conference, which is organised yearly in different locations, is an event where many generations from S2BMRC meet every year. This year, it offered insights on how to develop more engaged & entrepreneurial universities, and a system supporting student and academic entrepreneurship.

PhD candidate Eva Sormani (MSc) and research assistant Carolina Ossa Gutiérrez (BA) kicked off the first session of the conference, called 'Driving lifelong learning and entrepreneurial skills for the future', with the presentation 'Preparing tomorrow's change-makers through teaching 'creativity and innovation' in Higher Education'.

Sormani and Ossa Gutiérrez presented the key aspects from the conception, design, and development of the course "Creativity and Innovation", a course funded by Wandelwerk, and developed for the Münster School of Business by four S2BMRC members: the two presenters, PhD candidate Neele Petzold (MA), and Judith Helmer (BSc).  

The 15-minutes presentation also focused on the workarounds that had to be implemented to face the challenges that online lectures represent for both students and teaching team. "Creativity and Innovation" was planned as a presential course, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, had to be moved online after just one presential session.

The course aims at developing the creative skills of students using a problem-based learning approach and is in its pilot phase since March 2020.

The conference also provided a networking space, where the presenters had the chance to talk to other practitioners and experts who showed interest in some of the tools used for the course, and in the course itself.

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