25 November 2020 | Online

Value & Future has been kicked-off with European partners from 6 countries. S2BMRC was represented by two delegates Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero and Eva Sormani.

In an online environment but with an atmosphere of being in Friesland, the Netherlands, Friesland College officially kicked-off, our 3-year project on Ethical Entrepreneurship. The meeting was attended by delegates from all partners: Kaunas Construction and Services Training Center - KSPMC - Lithuania; IDEC - Greece; Escola Pia Mataro - EP Mataro - Spain; University of Nicosia - UNIC - Cyprus. Delegates from MUAS, S2BMRC were Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero who passionately presented MUAS and S2BMRC in the introduction rounds and Eva Sormani who eagerly presented the approach to the creation of a quick-scan manual.  

The meeting hosted by Friesland College, with students in roles as timekeeper and logo designers were an absolute best practice. A project created to engage students, engaged students from day one. Another highlight according to the meeting evaluation conducted by S2BMRC delegate Eva Sormani, showed that that the Special Guest Willem Schaafsma, a regional entrepreneur was perceived as extremely insightful.

With all personal, organisational, and cultural introductions and our very own project logo, the project team is excited to conduct the project. The next meeting will be hosted by S2BMRC, in which the first outputs will already be presented.

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