28 January 2021 | Online

How can we facilitate digital team-building in engaging way, particularly during the pandemic? Together with project leader Choiwai Maggie Chak, two Master students and seven Bachelor students from Strategic Marketing and International Marketing modules formed an initiative called The Lighthouse Project.

The aim of this project is to develop and validate a new form of virtual workshop tool for team-building in community-academic health partnership (CAHP) projects. To achieve this aim, the project comprises three phases: (1) design and development of an interactive, customised virtual tool for team-building; (2) promotion of the virtual workshop using different marketing campaigns; and (3) validation of the effectiveness of the workshop and the developed tool.

Using a storytelling approach, the project uses metaphors to describe the collaborative journey of a CAHP project as a sailing journey. Combining the River-of-Life and R-Team research approaches, the team designed a digital workshop tool using Miro to help CAHP project teams reflect on their collaborating experiences and team-level outcomes. The tool is then validated through an interactive, virtual workshop, in which workshop participants were facilitated to visualise their own "sailing journey" (i.e., collaborative journey) using various metaphorical symbols. We then asked the participants to mark the "lighthouses", which represent the key lessons that may facilitate their team and peers to achieve a more meaningful and effective collaboration in the future.

The preliminary validation of the workshop tool showed promising results: the tool was considered useful in helping CAHP project team members reflect on team history and enabling a live-track of key events/achievements in the project, which facilitated their collaboration and team development.

The project was successfully conducted and concluded on 26th January 2021.  For more details, please visit the project website: https://lighthouseprojekt.wixsite.com/forschungsstudie

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