17 August 2021 | Münster/London

Thomas Baaken, Liguang Liu & Lea Lapornik published a new book chapter in the book "New Generation Entrepreneurship": Bricolage and Growth Hacking: Two Smart Concepts of Creating a Business Lacking Resources.

It presents two smart concepts of creating a new business without or with only low budget. Thus, it applies particularly for either students, refugees and/or people from developing countries. "Bricolage" stands for a behaviour in which the actor solves problems using only available resources. Contrary to the resource-creating mentality, only the resources of the repertoire at hand are used. "Growth Hacking" as a new method, using digital approaches in particular, can achieve high sales in a short time. The relevance of data-driven marketing within the framework of a growth strategy. Working primarily with data is a promising strategy for companies that can effectively, efficiently and cost effectively using online tools or online-offline combinations to achieve their growth objectives. Thus, the two concepts are complementing each other by dedication to two different stages of a start-up process. Bricolage for creating the start-up and Growth Hacking for getting it successfully to the market and make it grow sustainably. The Chapter is describing the two concepts and their interdependence by offering a conceptual framework.

Keywords: Bricolage, Growth Hacking, Entrepreneurship of Students/Refugees/ Developing Countries, Lacking Resources

Citation: Baaken, T., & Liu, L. Lapornik, L. (2021). Bricolage and Growth Hacking - Two Smart Concepts of Creating a Business Lacking Resources, in: Burak, E. (ed.): Next Generation Entrepreneurship, (pp 1-18), London: IntechOpen.
ISBN 978-1-83969-132-4 DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.99391

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