18 February 2022 | Münster

Enhancing the inclusivity of regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and embeddedness of female entrepreneurs therein, through the design of more inclusive academic and non-academic entrepreneurship education and support programmes -this is the goal of the project WeRin - Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems led by Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre. Now the WeRin team has won the Social EU Award.

"Social EU is another Erasmus+ project co-funded by the EU. It aims to encourage projects to make the best use of social media to reach their respective target groups. Social media is an important tool for reaching our target group, i.e. female students who are aspiring to start their venture, female entrepreneurs and leaders. We want to inspire, inform and facilitate networking in this way," explains Junior Professor Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero, WeRin project director and Deputy Director of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre. After all, networking is crucial in entrepreneurship. To this end, the "WeRin" team uses the social networks LinkedIn and Twitter, receiving support from WeRin partner momentum [educate + innovate], which manages the social media strategy. "All of the 'WeRin' partners are very active on LinkedIn and Twitter, all writing blog articles or sharing the latest developments in our project," Rossano-Rivero said. So it's worthwhile for entrepreneurship educators, (aspiring) female entrepreneurs, representatives from Higher Education Institutions, and other support organisations to follow the project on social media.

In the research phase, the WeRin team conducted more than 300 interviews with ecosystem stakeholders, collected 15 best cases on inclusion in entrepreneurship and identified more than 15 profiles of role models from six European regions. These short presentations can already be used as teaching materials and can be found on the project's website at werinproject.eu as "Role Model Profiles." Now they are working on solutions. "Based on the research results, we are developing an inclusive entrepreneurship training course-WeRLearnIn Approach-that we plan to implement with female students and collect feedback from the users, educators/mentors and stakeholders involved. It will facilitate the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of aspiring female entrepreneurs and female founders in an inclusive way; WeRLearnIn Approach can be used after validation by Higher Education Institutions and other entrepreneurship support organisations," says Stroila.
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