6 - 8 April 2022 | Potsdam

Our PhD Candidate Annika Wesbuer M.Sc. deepened her Design Thinking skills at the world's leading school for Design Thinking - "Hasso-Plattner-Institute" in Potsdam. She took part in the "Design Thinking Advanced" in the frame of the "münster.land.Leben" project to intensify various tools and train to moderate this process and apply it to further projects. During these days, the Workshop's participants had the challenge to develop a "removal experience" new. Moving is an experience everyone already had or will still have. Hence, this question was a welcome challenge for the sub-team with five participants: a Biologist, a product manager, an entrepreneur and an engineer. The interdisciplinary Team analysed the questionnaire and its potential meanings with different assumptions about the challenge. After that, these members applied the user-centric perspective and thought about possible ideas and solutions. The highlight for all participants was visualising the potential and user-centric solution.

In this case, they presented the idea as a theatre to test the Minimum Viable Product. The direct feedback was considered in the iterative process, and the Team set a step back to the ideation phase. All participants highly appreciated the implementation and application of the Design Thinking process. Annika will use this method in the XRegions project to transfer the generated knowledge and apply it to other institutes' projects and thus be multiplied.

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