27 May 2022 | Cracow

Professor Thomas Baaken was appointed as one of two reviewers on the h.c. (honoris causa) doctorate of University of Economics of Cracow for Professor Cecile Nieuwenhuizen from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Celine Nieuwenhuizen is a Professor in Entrepreneurship, also the Head of Management Communication & Business Management and the Head of Research and Post Graduate Committee, all at University of Johannesburg, ZA. Professor Nieuwenhuizen was honored for her special merits in the cooperation between the two universities: University of Economics of Cracow and University of Johannesburg.

In addition, the awardee has distinguished herself in a special way in her field of entrepreneurship and the particularities of Africa. Not only has she founded her own company, which is now being continued by her children, but also the education of African students in the direction of founding a company and the publications on the subject are particularly noteworthy.

Remarkable and noteworthy is the number of copies which were sold especially in South Africa of some of Dr. Nieuwenhuizen's publications (e.g.):

  • > 100 000 copies of her book "Entrepreneurship - A South African Perspective." have been sold since the first edition (the current is the fourth edition).
  • > 180 000 copies of her book "Entrepreneurship and how to establish your business" were sold in excess of copies.

The title was awarded and presented in a formal procedure and University wide celebration at the "University's Day" on May 27, 2022. Rector Professor Dr. hab. Stanisław Mazur and Vice-Rector for Projects and Cooperation, Professor Dr. hab. Piotr Buła presented the respective laureates. The h.c. committee and the University's rectorate asked Professor Baaken to deliver a laudatory by reporting on his review and to honor the candidate publicly.

Every year, the UEC celebrates a particularly solemn University Day, performing all sorts of academic rituals. There is a procession of professors from their own and from universities that are specially guests for this event. The procession takes place in the respective gowns of the universities and thus results in a thoroughly "colorful" picture. The route of the procession is lined by all the university members; students, scientists, fence-sitters enjoy the performance.

Also PhDs as well as Habilitations are awarded to the successful completion and their achievement during the University day celebration. Special habits and traditional academic procedures apply (see movie below).

Congratulations again to Professor Nieuwenhuizen and also to the University of Economics of Cracow to its great and solemn event of 2022.


Awarding the Title and Certificate to a new PhD
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