15 June 2022 | Amsterdam

University-Business Co-Creation (UBC) is an essential part of the research of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre. The literature focuses on drivers and factors that influence this co-creation. Meanwhile, due to the "Third Mission", University-Society Co-Creation (USC) has also become an enormous part of our research institute. Therefore, our Science-to-Society research group has been focusing on this research aspect for several years.

After various publications on this topic, the Science-to-Society research group has now presented its latest publication, "USC co-creation: A comprehensive framework of Science-to-Society co-creation", on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the UIIN conference in Amsterdam. This publication was developed within the scope of the project "münster.land.leben", in which researchers are trying to improve health and well-being in the rural area of Münsterland.

At the UIIN conference, our three researchers, consisting of junior professor Dr. Kerstin Kurzhals, PhD student Katrin Uude and PhD student Annika Wesbuer, presented their qualitative study and insights into the experiences of universities with science-to-society co-creation. In particular, the researchers' different focus on USC compared to UBC became clear. The researchers presented the results and difficulties in USC, while USC tries to address societal challenges and provide a benefit for social partners and society. Afterwards, interesting findings and experiences of the other researchers were discussed.

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