19 August 2022 | Münster

Last semester, a group of eight students of the FH Münster School of Business developed a communication strategy for the Münster-based company noventum consulting GmbH. Supervised by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kurzhals and Judith Helmer from S2BMRC, the students were able to conduct valuable analyses - a communication channel audit, a competitor analysis, and a customer analysis - for their business unit 'Culture Change Management' and presented the results and recommendations in front of noventum representatives including the CEO Uwe Rotermund.

Noventum is an international IT management consultancy based in Münster. More specifically, next to advising companies on IT challenges, the company shows expertise in culture change management. Changing a corporate culture is a long-term process that usually takes several years. Noventum's Culture Change Management Unit supports customers in their transformation projects and change processes in the context of the new digital world of work to become more successful. Therefore, this business unit is including three core consulting areas - Change, Agility, and Leadership. For the purpose of this business project, we got the chance to work closely with this business unit of Noventum to not only undertake an interesting research task but also to get to know the company, its culture, and its services.

Based on the briefing to optimise the communication strategy of the business unit 'culture change management' and "to make the lead magnets more magnetic", the project team started working at the beginning of the semester in March 2022. After having developed a project plan and a methodological approach, the project accelerated, and the team deep-dived into the task to be able to deliver the final presentation on 21st of June 2022 at the premises of noventum.

The four bachelor's students in the team, Mareike Claus, Julia Michailov, Niclas Schulte, and Xiaohan Yang, dealt with the audit of the communication channels under the supervision of the master's students. More specifically, they investigated noventum's social media channels on LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well as the corporate website and the noventum blog. Next to a quantitative examination, qualitative tools such as the Content Radar were used to analyse the blogs and postings.

Moreover, the four master's students Alina Serafiniak, Carina Hafertepe, Tran Minh Anh, and Phuong Thao Nguyen took care of the analysis of competitors and customers. For the competitor analysis, relevant competitors were identified in four clusters. The companies were then analysed regarding quantitative metrics and qualitative highlights in their communication on social media channels and the website. For the customer analysis, some exemplary customers of noventum were categorised and analysed with regard to corporate as well as employees' communication. Based on this, individual personas were created for the various customer categories. Based on this extensive analysis, the team was able give noventum a range of specific recommendations as well as draft them into an overall strategy for the future communication of 'Culture Change Management'.

The S2BMRC would like to thank the noventum consulting GmbH as well as the student group for the great collaboration and successful project outcome.

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