11-13 September 2022 Pisa

The pursuit of innovation for a smart and sustainable future was the main goal of the 23rd CINet conference in Pisa from 11 to 13 September 2022. Four of our PhD candidates contributed to this conference goal and presented three different studies.              

First, Annika Wesbuer and Katrin Uude presented a "USC Ecosystem: A Framework for University-Society Co-Creation (USC)". This study was conducted as part of the münster.land.leben project together with Dr. Kerstin Kurzhals to provide a guide for practitioners, university managers and policy makers on how to run successful USC projects. Overall, this study contributes to co-creation projects of higher education institutions with societal actors to address upcoming societal challenges and generate social innovations.

Secondly, Maggie Chak presented digital intellectual outputs of the project "Pioneering Innovative Food for Seniors" (PIFS). They include a Good Practice Guide, a digital Innovation Readiness Self-Assessment Tool for food SMEs, Open Education Resources for trainers in the food sector, and a Digital Learning Platform.

Finally, Eva Sormani contributed to this conference by showing different motivational pathways for intrinsic and integrated motivation in academic engagement with society. These findings provide insight for higher education institution managers aiming to strengthen the role of their institution in society through academics.

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