24 October 2022 | Münster

For the third and last year of the project Value and Future, which aims to empower young people towards ethical entrepreneurship and leadership, a lot has to be planned, so S2BMRC team member Nelli Scharapow participated in the Value and Future Transnational Meeting on Monday the 24th of October, unfortunately in an online environment. However, the team is experienced in those settings and it did not keep the European team from a vivid discussion and clarifying, as well as organising the upcoming tasks.

The achievement of in particular the successful pilot tests in the second year of the project and the successful submission of the interim report was appreciated from every member of the consortium and all worked together well in this stressful period. Some changes and announcements were made in the meeting, and a discussion on the work packages and tasks for the last upcoming year of the project followed. The partners were able to agree on certain topics and every leader of an IO could give an overview and was able to answer questions.

In the end, as usual, the meeting closed with a discussion about an ethical case, and this time it was about the Football World Championship in Qatar, so opinions could be expressed and the meeting ended with an important ethical question, considering a lot of thoughts, which fits to the project.

Stay tuned for an interesting last part of the project, finalizing the outputs with a last round of piloting, some events and exchanges ahead.

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