11 November 2022 | Münster

The major results of "Boundary Spanner Development" project were shared with an international group of participants from Germany and Netherlands. The multiplier event was organized on 11th November 2022, in conjunction with the 27th edition of the High Technology Small Firm (HTSF) conference.

The multiplier event was hosted by the Science to Business Marketing Research Center (S2BMRC) of the FH Münster University of Applied Science in Münster, Germany. The event was designed as a highly interactive and engaging session where participants not only got a chance to learn about the major findings and outputs of the project but also to test their knowledge by participating on a live survey, the result of which was shared on real-time.

The event started with a presentation of the major insights from the large-scale study that involved systematic literature reviews of academic & grey literature, 40 practitioner interviews, 24 expert interviews, 505 online questionnaires. The results illuminated what kind of knowledge, skill and qualities characterize successful spanning boundaries agents.

Building on that, the second part of the presentation involved showcasing the "Spanning boundaries agent training program" and the personal application projects that participants were able to conceive and develop during the training program.

The event then concluded by providing easily accessible QR codes that participants were able to use in order to download the major outputs of the project including the synthesis report, spanning boundaries agent profile book, spanning boundaries agents' magazines (4 issues), and spanning boundaries agent training program participant's personal application project videos.

The event was well received by the international group of participants who provided positive feedback.

About the project

The "Spanning Boundaries Development Program" is an ambitious project funded through the European Commission's knowledge alliance scheme. It aims to boost sustainable socio-economic development of regions by developing boundary spanners who will break down barriers between academia and external stakeholders to initiate, facilitate, and engage in collaboration for the diffusion, cross-fertilization and utilization of ideas and practices across diverse physical, cognitive and cultural boundaries.

If you would like to learn more about the project visit our website: https://www.spanning-boundaries.eu/ or contact us directly.

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